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In the first half, financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts joined George in the studio to discuss the outlook for the US and world economies, and what the economy will look like under the next American president. Rather than an upcoming economic collapse, she foresees more of a "controlled demolition" with the new administration. "We've been centralizing the economy through the US federal budget, and we could do that because we've been pumping out the debt, but that model (the debt finance model) is over, and so now we're coming into a change," she stated.

Fitts sees a Hillary Clinton presidency as a harmful continuation of centralization trends, with things run from the top down, whereas she views Donald Trump as a complete wild card, with a tendency toward more transparency. She detailed a "financial coup d'etat" in which $21 trillion disappeared from US government accounts, and expressed concern over the push for a new balanced budget amendment that would start fresh. "What we need right to enforce the constitution by saying 'where's the money? (the $21 trillion), and get it back," she remarked. In regards to where to invest your money, Fitts advised dealing with ethical people, institutions, or banks (see this page for tips on finding and evaluating your local banks).


In the latter half, Vernon Mahabal, who combines astrology with palmistry, shared insights on what he foresees evolving in the United States, based on the repeated patterns he views in the thousands of palms he reads. He also has done some analysis of the presidential candidates based on photos he's seen of their hands and palms. Hillary Clinton's hand indicates stark ambition, with no emotion or empathy, he commented, while Donald Trump is ruled astrologically by the planet of Uranus, the revolutionary awakener, and is going into a Jupiter cycle just after the election. "He's in such a powerful astrological time that he's going to win," Mahabal declared.

Beyond reading the lines on a person's palms, he suggested that the shape of a person's thumb is a key indicator of their character. Regarding the future of the US over the next 10-15 years, he does not see manufacturing jobs returning-- the country will become more like Brazil, with less material efficiency, he said. America will be more slow-paced, agrarian and provincial, with the millennials being less ambitious than previous generations, but more in touch with their spirituality and emotions, he offered. Mahabal also spoke about how a person's past lives are like the roots of a tree, and contribute to the look and markings of the hand.

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