Secret Door XVII

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Secret Door XVII

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George Noory had fun trying to guess who was behind the Secret Door, during hours 2, 3, and 4. First through the door was mentalist and memory expert Jim Karol, who conducted a visualization experiment to reduce the intensity of Hurricane Matthew, which was moving up the Florida coast. Positive focus, and really believing in yourself are key elements to both mental and memory exercises, he said. Karol shared the tale of how he placed a winning bet on 23 red on a roulette table at an Atlantic City casino he'd been performing at, and was subsequently banned from there after he raked in the chips.

George was stumped by medium and paranormal investigator Chip Coffey, who spoke in a mysterious British accent when first coming through the "door." Coffey talked about his appearance on the Exorcism: Live! special held last year at the suburban St. Louis house that inspired the original book/movie The Exorcist. One of the scariest moments on his previous TV show, Paranormal State, was when he heard a guttural, evil-sounding masculine voice coming out of 3-year old female child, who said 'get out of my house!' Coffey listed his favorite haunted places to investigate: the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the Belvoir Winery near Kansas City, and Gettysburg.

Last through the door was rock 'n' roll author R. Gary Patterson. George shared the story of how he won an auction for a guitar owned by the late Prince, while Gary recounted some of the details of the fateful night of the Buddy Holly plane crash. While Holly had no concerns, Ritchie Valens (who also died in the crash) was said to be terrifying of flying. There is a theory that gunfire, possibly accidental, caused the plane to crash, he revealed. Patterson will be appearing for a full show this Sunday night with Richard Syrett, and at a special live event in Toronto next week.

Messages from Teen Suicide Victims

First hour guest, psychic medium and animal communicator Teresa St. Frances talked about the messages she's received from adolescents who committed suicide, and what we can do prevent this dire problem facing teenagers. One of the repeated things that the teen spirits told her was that they lacked coping skills under stressful situations. They also didn't realize they could get help for their situation, and how devastating depression can be. When you pass over from suicide, you still go to heaven, but you don't get to rest in peace, said St. Frances. "You have to reconstruct your life contract as if you were still alive, and everything that you were responsible for...still has to be done," she asserted.

News segment guests: Tim Ball, Jerome Corsi

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