Hacking of America/ Exorcisms & Sorcery

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Hacking of America/ Exorcisms & Sorcery

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In the first half, author and former naval intelligence counter-terrorism officer specializing in the Middle East, Malcolm Nance, discussed the April 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee. He believes Russia's spy agency was responsible for the hack, and seeks to influence the outcome of the US election. In addition to the DNC hack, in the last six weeks, we've seen over 25 states have their electoral boards and voter registration lists either probed or hacked, and some of these incidents definitely have "the fingerprint of Russian military intelligence," he reported. Nance contended that the goal behind the Russian hacks is to push Donald Trump forward as the winning candidate.

Vladimir Putin, as an "old school" former KGB officer, quickly caught on to the value of cyber operations, noted Nance. Putin prefers Trump, as he is more sympathetic to Russian positions, especially regarding the dissolution of NATO, he remarked. And with NATO weakened or removed, Russia would become the preeminent authority on security in the eastern hemisphere, he added. Also, if Russia can tamper with the election, Nance suggested it can lead to civil unrest and economic chaos in America, which helps build up the image of Russia internationally and makes them seem stronger by comparison.


In the latter half, Sonia Brosz a Maronite Catholic, Charismatic, visionary and spiritual warrior, spoke about her work and techniques. She was called forty-four years ago to service in the field of exorcism and deliverance, and has served as a consultant and advisor to exorcists of the Catholic Church as well as deliverance pastors and ministers of all faiths. Using her knowledge of metaphysics, magic, and sorcery of various cultures and religions, she is able to advise on aspects of potential cases of exorcism, and point out signs of demonic activity and witchcraft.

One of her cases, which she called the "Curse of El Diablo," dealt with a powerful Mexican brujo named Francisco, a sorcerer who used both the dark (Satanic) and the light to effect healings and cures. When Francisco decided to give up the dark powers, he was killed by an evil rival brujo, and his family was also cursed. Subsequently, Brosz got involved helping to remove curses from the family members and Francisco's collection of ritual masks. People sometimes turn to dark powers such as magic, when they feel they don't have control over their personal circumstances, but they end up getting manipulated by the Devil, she cautioned.

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