Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLinda Godfrey, Open Lines

Researcher and monster investigator Linda Godfrey discussed her strange creature investigations and the bizarre discoveries associated with them. "I seem to be getting more reports in which it was obvious there were connections to other things," she said, noting a possible link between creatures, such as bigfoot and upright canines, and unexplainable lights, UFOs, weird zones of quietness, strange mists, and portals. According to Godfrey, the unusual phenomena and the creatures may be coming from the same place. "Everything escapes at the same time," she suggested.

Godfrey cited a Bigfoot encounter which coincided with a UFO sighting in the same area of Chicago. The witness reported biking along the Des Plaines River, approximately a mile east of Chicago O'Hare International Airport, where he saw a group of large brown-furred creatures appear on other side of water. One of the bigfoot creatures swam across to river after him but he was able to get away safely, she revealed. It is possible these beings are interdimensional and use portals to travel back and forth into our realm, Godfrey explained, pointing out how reports seem to show they "exist here on a sliding scale of reality."

She described her own brush with an unidentified flying sphere that did not seem to obey the laws of physics, as well as spoke about skinwalkers (witches who can convert themselves into animals using dark shamanism), odd mutilations at Smith's Hayfield, and a strangely-shaped mist that moved on its own volition to attack a sheriff deputy's squad car. The mist rolled over the car causing all electronics within to shut off, Godfrey disclosed. The officer mysteriously lost 45 minutes of time during the brief encounter, she added.

The final hour of the show was devoted to Open Lines.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Peter Davenport



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