Hollywood Ghosthunters/ Mysterious Space Signals

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Hollywood Ghosthunters/ Mysterious Space Signals

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In the first half, members of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, Rick McCallum, Louis Horowitz (1st hour), and Robert Pendergraft (2nd hour) discussed the many haunted locations they've investigated and described details of their ghost adventures in places such as the Queen Mary, the Whaley House, and the Linda Vista Hospital. One of the most unusual spots McCallum investigated was the Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs, Nevada (view related video), in which lights mysteriously went off, and EVPs were recorded of disembodied voices, which seemed to address McCallum by name. At one point, McCallum was feeling ill and announced he was going to leave, and an EVP recorded at that moment said "release him."

Horowitz spoke about using EMF detectors and a piece of equipment called the 'Spirit Touch' at the old Whaley House in San Diego. When they asked if a spirit known as Yankee Jim (who'd been hanged in gallows where the house now stands) was present, the 'Spirit Touch' repeatedly lit up, he said. McCallum detailed a visit to the Queen Mary, where he heard sounds of a party coming from behind him, but no one was present in the long hallway or stateroom near him. Pendergraft visited the haunted Linda Vista Hospital and took a photo that seemed to show a face-like apparition coming down a stairwell.


In the latter half, senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, talked about the latest sets of mysterious signals from space and other anomalous findings. One study showed there are some 243 strange modulations emanating from a group of stars. The study is legitimate, he remarked, but the findings were indirect, and there could be subtle instrumentation effects or data analysis issues that could cloud their results. Further, their paper was rejected by five or six journals before it found publication, he added.

Back in September, the Russians' picked up an odd signal from their large telescope in the Caucasus mountains-- it occurred once out of 39 times. Because it didn't happen repeatedly, and could not be replicated by other scientists, Shostak had his doubts. Then, the Russians claimed the signal came from a military satellite. Sharing an update on the anomalous 'Tabby Star,' observed by the Kepler telescope dimming an astounding 22%, Shostak reported that there was a recent finding of a second star possibly exhibiting a similar effect. He also commented on Stephen Hawking's concern over the potential peril in contacting aliens, and penned a column for The Guardian about it.

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