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Earthfiles WikiLeaks Special

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In a special three-part report, Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shared her conversations with Canadian UFO investigator and author Grant Cameron about the ongoing October 2016 WikiLeaks' dump of hacked John Podesta's (the chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign) emails. The correspondence confirms military and aerospace authorities are involved in communications between Podesta and Sekret Machines author Tom Delonge about efforts to open up the US government files on UFOs and ETs, which have been suppressed since World War II. The leaked emails reveal that three of Delonge's highly placed advisors are Major General William N. McCasland, Robert F. Weiss, Executive VP and General Manager of Skunk Works at Lockheed Martin Corporation, and USAF Major General Michael Carey, retired after serving as Special Assistant to the Commander of the USAF Space Command.

Delonge pitched a meeting between his advisors and Podesta, which appears to have taken place back in January 2016. The emails "indicate to me that during that Google Hangout meeting with these three high level people, John Podesta made some sort of promise to look into something or to check something," and get back to them a month later," Cameron told Linda. In addition to Podesta/Clinton and Tom Delonge, there is a third group, composed of NASA, CIA, possibly White House people who view the ET presence in a positive light, and seem to have a plan related to disclosure, Cameron continued.

Cameron, who produces the website PresidentialUFO, is analyzing the ongoing hacked WikiLeaks email dump and expects more revelations based on insider information this week that "John Podesta still has a green light to open up UFO and ET files beginning in January 2017 after the Presidential Inauguration." For more, see Earthfiles reports, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. In her fourth segment, Linda spoke with attorney William Cashman about a vivid UFO sighting he had in Connecticut back in the early 1980s. The large craft, shaped like two inverted plates, hovered for some time before silently taking off, and then seemed to vanish after emitting a kind of strobe effect. More here.

Haunted Bridges

First hour guest, paranormal investigator Rich Newman talked about his research of over 300 bridges in America which harbor hauntings and eerie phenomena. Bridges have been the location of many tragic occurrences such as suicides, murders, and car accidents, and this could be why so many of them are haunted by residual ghosts, he explained. A number of them have been called 'crybaby' bridges, so named, because a mother was said to have thrown her child or infant off of them. Visitors to such bridges have heard the disembodied sound of a baby crying, as well as felt cold spots, and seen "mists wandering the river" that some surmise are the mother's spirit looking for her child, he detailed.

News segment guests: Craig Hulet, Peter Davenport

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