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John Ventre joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss his own personal experience that UFOs and their occupants are not necessarily from other worlds or galaxies, but could also have distinctly occult and magical connections. Ventre recalled strange events throughout his life that began with something apparently grabbing his ankles while he was in bed as a child, as well as vivid out-of-body experiences. After a lifetime spent with noises coming from the walls of his house, dark shadows moving across ceilings, and smells of dead animals he came to the belief that a "malevolent entity had become attached" to him. Ventre hypothesized that a family history of criminal activity (his father was a convicted murderer) has somehow made him a victim of something he referred to as "generational sins" that have attracted the hauntings and other curse-like activities to him and his children.

Ventre thinks that what is known as the alien abduction scenario has more similarities to demonic possession than anything extraterrestrial. "About half the markers are the same" he remarked. The intrusions in his life have gotten so bad that Ventre is not interested in setting up video or other recording technology to document the activity, "I just want the thing to stop" he says. He believes that by following a Christian and more specifically a Catholic discipline, he has made progress towards ridding himself of his unwanted visitors. Ventre added that one can follow any religion but to appeal to the "good guy" in that faith for help. When victims free themselves of these so-called evil entities, he says that "the mind undergoes a revolution" that leaves the witness deeply changed.


Witnesses the world over claim to see spirits, UFOs, Sasquatch, and other phenomena. Most cannot believe their eyes, yet some of these observers have also detected the stench of sulfur or the more common term "brimstone." In part two, author Joshua Cutchin discussed these uncommon scents and some of the similarities and differences among paranormal encounters. He began by pointing out that the odor of sulfur (or actually its smell when burned and combined with other elements) was originally looked upon as cleansing. The fact that Satan was cast into a lake of fire and brimstone was "not to destroy, but to cleanse him" he said, but gradually the smell came to be associated with malevolent or demonic manifestations. He continued by pointing out that the sense of smell could be "an excellent choice for manipulation" by evil entities because it is so closely associated with strong memories.

Cutchin said that sulfurous odors are associated with negative things because the compounds are commonly present in places where there is decay and death. Strangely, witnesses often report the smells of perfume and tobacco smoke around haunted locations, especially in the United States. George asked about odors at Bigfoot sightings, and Cutchin commented that the most common reported aroma resembles "rotten eggs or a septic tank" which (if you believe that it is a flesh-and-blood creature) may be a way to warn potential enemies away or communicate with other animals, such as gorillas have been found to do in the wild. As for smells associated with UFOs, Cutchin says that the most common ones reported by abductees are either ozone or sulfur, although there is no standard smell. George recalled that researchers at the Skinwalker Ranch often detected strong smells when experiencing phenomena there, suggesting that there may be some commonality to various paranormal events.

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