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Ghost to Ghost 2016

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During Ghost To Ghost, Carrie called in with an eerie story of a late night haunting. She awoke in the middle of the night to hear someone saying her name in her ear. Minutes later, she heard her young daughter talking in her sleep in the room across the hallway. The girl became more agitated and asked someone to "go away" repeatedly. Carrie asked her husband to go and comfort their daughter, but she said that he stopped in his tracks in the doorway. The next day, her daughter said that the night before there was a little girl playing peek-a-boo with her from inside a closet door. When the husband looked in her room, he saw his daughter sitting upright in bed wide awake, which frightened him. Carrie mentioned that there was an entrance to a crawlspace in the closet. Perhaps the most disturbing part of the story was that her daughter remembered that during the episode, a "man showed up and the girl started to walk funny."

Halfway through the second hour, George’s old friend JC called in and scolded him for "calling up the devil" by having a Halloween show. He declared that any kids who came to his door looking for candy would have "the hose turned on them." Chad called in to recount an eerie story of a ghostly hitchhiker who took a ride with him and his surfing buddies early one morning while it was still dark. A friend in the back seat was the only one who realized that their strange companion was a spirit because as he later told them he could see though her and "she never moved the entire time she was talking and her expression didn’t change." When they dropped her off at her destination she seemed to disappear into thin air.

Tony called from the road and told of a disembodied face that "came through the wall" and looked right at him early one morning in his bedroom when he was a child. Later, a friend whose family used to own the house showed him a picture of one of their family members who had committed suicide in the yard of the home. Tony recognized it as the face he had seen. Jennifer said that her dream job when she was younger was to be a tour guide at the famously haunted Winchester Mystery house in San Jose. While memorizing her lines with her eyes closed and alone in one of the rooms of the house she said that she distinctly heard a British voice say "excuse me, dearie." There was no one else in the room.

Halloween Traditions and Vampires

First hour guest, expert on the paranormal and metaphysical, Rosemary Ellen Guiley started off the haunted night discussing Halloween traditions and strange occurrences. Guiley called in from Salem, Massachusetts, where she was attending the Witches’ Ball and other events. She described some of the traditions of Halloween such as dressing up in costumes and how this derives from an old Celtic practice of disguising oneself at the time when the veil between worlds was thin so that evil spirits could not recognize people and bring them harm. Guiley also talked about the history and lore of the vampire, which she pointed out comes from a tradition that is very different from our present views. She said that these creatures were originally considered those who had experienced a "bad death" (either through accident or suicide or other unnatural causes) and were "having trouble crossing over." It was thought that in these cases the soul would stay with the body and cause it to leave the grave and "walk in the land of the living." She mentioned her favorite vampire movie is the 1922 silent film "Nosferatu" since she considers it closest to the original legend of the creature.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Steve Kates

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