Future War/ Crop Circles

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Future War/ Crop Circles

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Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert Maginnis offered a rare glimpse into the security community, and the frightening future world that previous generations could only have dared imagine: cyborgized super soldiers, sobering outer space developments, and horrendous weapons of mass destruction. "We're seeing radical changes in space, we're seeing radical changes in cyberspace, and, of course, the miniaturization in a very scary way of weapons of mass destruction," he said. In addition, human beings are being harnessed with mind-blowing capabilities, Maginnis noted.

A new kind of war is on the horizon that will be led by autonomous artificially-intelligent machines making decisions about killing, he continued. According to Maginnis, versions of this technology, such as autonomous weaponized drones, are already on battlefields and being used by ISIS as well as nation states including Russia. The technology is ahead of the ethics, he suggested, questioning whether a machine could be trusted to use lethal force. Maginnis also reflected on the ethical conundrum of integrating such technology into soldiers to create more effective cyborgized killers. He expects to see his nightmare scenario come to fruition within a decade.


In the second half of the program, crop circle investigator Patty Greer shared her latest research and theories. Greer expressed frustration with the suppression of her research, noting how she cannot get her films on any distribution platforms, as well as the closure of crop formation research center Silent Circle in Wiltshire, UK. "There is something really heavy going on with crop circles," she said, suggesting there is a nefarious group of people that don't want her data to get out.

Greer indicated her latest documentary, Crop Circle Diaries, may be the last movie on the topic of crop circles. She revealed during filming a mysterious helicopter purposely circled so low and for so long that it tied her hair in knots. Greer confessed her belief that crop circles are a genuine phenomenon and provide much physical evidence left behind from visiting UFOs. She also spoke about the plant research of William Levengood.

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