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Cosmology/ Love & the Afterlife

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In the first half, leading astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed the latest discoveries and research in astrophysics, and cosmology. Dark matter and dark energy continue to mystify the science and physics community. 85% of the gravity in the universe has no known source, and is attributed to unmeasurable dark matter, while dark energy is a mysterious pressure in the vacuum of space, making the expansion of the universe accelerate, he explained. Regarding the threat of asteroids hitting the Earth, he suggested working on ways to deflect any incoming bodies, rather than mitigating the aftereffects of a disastrous collision.

Our early solar system was a turbulent place that may have had around 30 planets initially, with some colliding into each other. Such a collision was how our moon was formed, when a planet sideswiped Earth, he detailed. Other bodies may have become "vagabond planets" and left our solar system entirely. Interestingly, he noted that such runaway planets zooming through interstellar space could be more common than planets orbiting a star. He also touched on such topics as the Big Bang, the anomalous Tabby's Star, and the evolution of his documentary TV series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which revived the brand originally presented by Carl Sagan.


In the latter half, medium James Van Praagh addressed the transformative energy and force of love, as well as offered accounts from the Other Side, and wisdom from guides and departed spirits. Most people relate to fear rather than love, but the true self is the soul, which is made up of pure, loving energy, he stated. One great illusion we have in this world is that we are separate from one another rather than part of a great oneness, he said. Death is also an illusion-- our bodies are like a suitcase or overcoat-- the essence or your spirit lives on without it, he declared.

Van Praagh's friend Olivia recently passed over and communicated with him about what the afterlife was like. She said dying was like stepping into a movie screen, where she was met by friends and loved ones in a beautiful vibrant place-- it was like she was now alive, and the people still living on Earth were the dead ones. He spoke about some of the spirit guides who work with him, including "Dr. Henry" from England, a nun named Sister Theresa, and a "gatekeeper" from Africa. One's guides can change over time, he added. Van Praagh also mentioned his new online School of Mystical Arts, which offers a variety of courses, and gave readings to callers in the last hour.

News segment guest: Howard Bloom

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