Strange Pings & ET Crash Retrievals

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Strange Pings & ET Crash Retrievals

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the effects of a strange pinging sound being reported since the summer of 2016 in Canada; a steady increase in drought-stressed forests and ozone; and an important UFO-related story from the son of a USAF man who was working inside ET retrieval teams at alien crash sites.

In Canada's Nunavut territory about 75 miles from the small Inuit town of Igloolik, the unidentified pinging has been heard by people, as well as felt through the wood of their boats. The source seems to be underwater. Since the pings began, the Arctic "polynya," an area of open water surrounded by sea ice, has been devoid of seals, whales and other sea mammals, whom the Inuit depend on for food. She spoke with Paul Quassa, the Nunavut Minister of Education, about the mystery, as well as strange flashes of light seen by the locals for many years. Further info.

In Linda's second report, she interviewed writer Jim Robbins about the problem of ground-level ozone, which is different than the ozone issue in the atmosphere. "Ground-level ozone is a toxic gas and it poisons every living thing," including trees, he said. Dead, dry trees are contributing to longer and fiercer fire seasons, Linda noted. Trees aren't the only Earth life impacted. A recent MIT study estimates that ground-level ozone is now causing up to 19,000 human deaths each year and that up to $70 billion worth of potatoes, soybeans, peanuts and tobacco plants are now dying annually from exposure to it. More here.

Over two segments, she interviewed Steve Bishop, the son of a USAF man. His father told him of working inside top secret ET retrieval teams at alien crash sites beginning with Roswell and going forward several years. He described hauling off a variety of dead aliens on multiple occasions, including Greys, and Reptoids, whom he said had leathery and scaly green skin, and large black eyes. Further, according to Steve's father, during the Korean War an "alien war" was simultaneously being waged in Greenland and the Aleutian Islands, between two factions of Greys. More here and here.

The Clairvoyant Gourmet

In the first hour, multi-sensory clairvoyant Janie Boisclair talked about her contact with entities on the Other Side and her specialty of retrieving lost recipes of the departed. Food, which is associated with memories, is a way for spirits to reconnect, she explained. Boisclair recently communicated with a spirit of a deceased woman who said she was at the first Thanksgiving dinner, which was held in Salem. Rather than turkey it was goose on the menu, and an emptied pumpkin was filled with goat's milk and heated in the fire, in a kind of proto-pumpkin pie, she detailed.

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