Alternative Health/ Paranormal News

Alternative Health/ Paranormal News


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Joel Wallach, L. A. Marzulli

In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. He began by declaring that studies and publicity designed to curb the consumption of supplements are funded by pharmaceutical companies in order to keep the population on prescription drugs. He also traced his research on the history of vegetable oils and how he believes that the campaign against dairy products like lard, butter, cream, and eggs was designed to demonize them in order to sell more products like Crisco, which "has killed an enormous amount of people" Wallach said.

Wallach claims that people should eat more cholesterol-laden foods such as eggs to stay healthy. He believes that 4-5 eggs per 100 pounds of body weight per day will keep the body supplied with its nutritional needs for the substance. He also traced the history of wheat, saying that it replaced millet in biblical times because the seed was much larger and led to increased yields per area of land. When the crop arrived in ancient Egypt, Wallach says that the physicians there began to record many ailments that had not existed before, indicating an intolerance for the grain that plagues humans to this day. He advocates that people eliminate all gluten and gluten-like grains such as barley, rye, and oats.


In the second half, author and film maker L. A. Marzulli discussed the latest developments across the world of the paranormal. First, he recounted the story of a strange creature preserved in a jar which is owned by Mexican TV reporter Jaime Maussan. Marzullli described it as a "little winged creature with sharp little teeth." Maussan allowed him to take it for examination, so Marzulli and his team took the object to a laboratory, where upon quick examination, it turned out to be a hoax. George asked about the Shroud Of Turin (that is supposedly Jesus’ burial cloth). Although some have tried to debunk the relic as a hoax, Marzulli says the evidence he has examined indicates that it is almost certainly genuine, and refers to it as "God’s calling card."

Several years ago, Marzulli discovered a 100-year-old cache of photos in a small museum on the island of Catalina, off the coast of Southern California, some of which showed ancient graves with nine foot skeletons in them. He said that the photos later disappeared from the archive and that his research indicates that many Native American tribes have oral traditions about ancient wars with a race of giants. As for the issue of UFO disclosure, Marzulli believes that it will happen when "we begin to treat the subject with respect" or as the result of the use of a nuclear weapon in the Middle East which will trigger "the greatest collective fear" which will be a sign or beacon for extraterrestrials to show up. As for what drives him to investigate these mysteries, he simply said "the truth."



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