Akashic Field/ JFK Mystery

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Akashic Field/ JFK Mystery

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In the first half of the program, trance clairvoyant Douglas James Cottrell joined Richard Syrett to discuss how he accesses the Akashic Field and what he gleans from it. Also called the Book of Life, the Field is like a celestial library of all the thoughts and actions of humankind, since the dawn of time; a source of inventions, inspiration, and intuitive insight. He described the process of entering a quantum meditative state, which allows for one to enter the Field, and what one finds on the other side. According to Cottrell, information in the Field is like reading a report and these reports are restricted based on how it effects some else's welfare.

Cottrell himself accesses the Field to write his books (which he dictates in trance to his son), and can even gather information from the future, as he did when he identified how the body of a drowned boy would be discovered. Former Beatle Paul McCartney composed a song by accessing the Field, he added. "We can teach people to go into a state of meditation and reach out to this Field which is all knowledge," Cottrell said, noting how doubt and intellect prevent many from believing. Anyone can gain access to their own entry in the Book of Life, however only those who ascend to the highest level of self-realization can see everything, he explained.


During the second half of the show, author Peter Janney talked about the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer in 1964 by the CIA, and how the agency rushed to confiscate her diary, as Meyer was said to have put together the pieces and identified the players in the conspiratorial plan to assassinate her lover, John F. Kennedy. Meyer and JFK became intimate in the fall of 1960, and she encouraged him to stay married to Jacqueline so he could seek office, Janney explained. Meyer also introduced JFK to hallucinogenic substances which Janney believes influenced his presidency.

Janney credited, at least in part, the profound effect of hallucinogenics on JFK's legendary presidential address at the American University commencement, where he announced plans to turn away from the Cold War with Russia to initiatives leading toward world peace. JFK sought to cooperate with Russia on nuclear agreements, space exploration, and even requested the CIA share its UFO files with the Soviets, Janney revealed. "[It was] another pin in the voodoo doll of death for JFK," he said, as those who benefited from the Cold War were now threatened and had to act.

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