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In the first half, former Senior Banking Officer of two California Banks, John Truman Wolfe, the editor/publisher of The Hard Truth magazine, joined George Noory to discuss the state of the US and world economies and his analysis of what could be looming in 2017. To protect yourself, he recommends investing in precious metals, particularly silver, and keeping a supply of cash at home, as there may be a "bank holiday" when banks could close for a time. He predicts more "bail-ins," such as we've seen in Greece and Cypress, where financial institutions are rescued by creditors and depositors taking a loss on their holdings. He also suggested that people get out of the large banks that are full of derivatives, and invest at small regional banks and credit unions.

Wolfe said there is currently a "war on cash"-- a strong movement to eliminate the use of paper currency. If people's holdings are in digital form then the government can more closely monitor and tax them, he noted. He called the Bank for International Settlements based in Basel, Switzerland, the "godfather of the global financial mafia." It operates "above the law," and has 55 central banks of the world as its members. This bank actually calls the shots, and could be considered "the wizard behind the curtain," he added.


Andrew Collins has been investigating the idea of advanced civilizations in prehistory since 1979. In the latter half, he presented evidence that the lost continent of Atlantis was in the Caribbean and destroyed by cataclysmic events. He recalled Plato's account of Atlantis as an island empire near the "opposite continent" (America), and how it was destroyed in 9,600 BC. That time frame is toward the end of a turbulent period that began around 10,800 BC when a comet hit the Earth and devastated parts of the planet, bringing on a mini-ice age, Collins explained. He also compared Plato's account with ancient legends from the indigenous people of North and South America.

Collins has concluded that Cuba was the center of Atlantis, and at the time part of a larger land mass that eventually became submerged in rising sea levels. Evidence for this location includes underwater ruins in the Bahamas such as Bimini Road, a massive J-shaped stone formation, as well as the "Brown Ruins," huge stone blocks that appeared to be hit in one direction. Regarding the readings of Edgar Cayce, which detailed much information about the civilization of Atlantis, archaeological evidence has yet to be found to indicate that they possessed advanced forms of technology, though his suggested location for the lost empire concurs with Collins.

News segment guests: Robert Felix, Andre Eggelletion

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