Genealogy of Jesus

Genealogy of Jesus


HostJimmy Church

GuestsHoward Bloom, Ralph Ellis

Using many strands of contemporary evidence, Ralph Ellis, biblical and Egyptian researcher, has pieced together a historical jigsaw puzzle demonstrating that the biblical Jesus was directly descended from Cleopatra, the most famous queen of Egypt. Ellis joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss Jesus' true history including evidence that Jesus also had aristocratic Roman and royal Persian ancestry. Ellis contends that the Jesus we know as a “prince of peace” was actually a warrior king who led a revolt against Rome 38 years after tradition says that he died. He referred to the standard New Testament story as “a true account of the Jewish revolt with fairy dust sprinkled over it.”

Ellis continued by describing he story of a Persian King whose wife gave birth to a son while traveling into exile. He says this explains why three Persian priests paid him homage when the birth of a Jewish child would not normally have held any significance for them. He also says he has discovered compelling evidence that the story of King Arthur was based on secular versions of gospels brought back to Europe after the first Crusade in 1096, and subsequently revised to create the legend of the Knights of the Round Table. Ellis also suspects that Jesus was taken to Rome after leading a failed revolt against the Roman Empire and may have been exiled to Britain, where he was kept in a prison like “a first century Guantanamo Bay,” and subsequently buried there.

In the last hour, Jimmy and his guest took calls from the listeners. Perry in Santa Barbara asked how Ellis determined that Jesus had led a rebel uprising. Elllis cited quotes attributed to Jesus, including one that states he had “come to set men against one another,” and another instance when he asked the apostles to gather swords for battle. Tom from California wondered how accurate the Bible could be when it has been retranslated and subjected to centuries of interpretation. Ellis believes that when one “fits the stories into a new chronology,” as he has done, it makes more sense from a historical perspective.


Intellectual, scholar and polymath Howard Bloom joined the program in the first hour to discuss how the more radical version of Islam came to be and how it has grown. Bloom began with his contention that Iran “suckered us into a war” in order to defeat Iraq. They did this, Bloom said, by spreading misinformation to the CIA, the U.S. government, and the media about WMDs. Bloom continued with his theory that the rise of militancy in Islam mirrors the life of the Prophet Mohammed, who had both a peaceful and a violent phase, which he says adherents are compelled to emulate. Bloom’s life has been threatened, but he says “if they slit my throat, so be it, because this information is important.” He encouraged listeners to tell their Muslim friends who advocate peace to become more active in social media to counteract the violent elements.



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