Skinwalker Ranch UFOs/ UFO Year In Review

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Skinwalker Ranch UFOs/ UFO Year In Review

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If tales are to be believed, Utah's Skinwalker Ranch is an epicenter of UFO sightings and paranormal phenomena. Erica Lukes has been following the unique and mysterious happenings there, and she joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss her latest research and findings and her opinions as to why the region is so active. Lukes says she has "always had a fascination for the unknown." She is currently the communications director for the International Association of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Researchers, which she says is taking a different approach to UFO study. She believes that "we are seeing the end of Ufology," at least as it has been practiced in the last 50 years, and feels that her group is following a new path towards UFO research.

Lukes has been researching the Uintah Basin (where the Ranch is located) for years, and has developed relationships with the locals, who have given her reports of a wide spectrum of strange and often frightening incidents involving glowing balls of light, Bigfoot-type entities, and even an animal that appeared to have test tubes attached its body. She says that the Native American population of the area has a unique view of the occurrences, but they are understandably closed-mouthed about their history and experiences. She discussed problems for women in UFO study and how, up to now, she thinks it has been a "good old boys’ club," which she hopes to change. She concluded that UFO researchers need to "work together and reframe the way we’re looking at this subject."


In the second half, UFO journalist Alejandro Rojas discussed the biggest stories from 2016. Rojas is the director of both Open Minds UFO News and the International UFO Conference, and makes his living reporting on the subject. He believes that there was enough exposure of the subject this past year that one could almost believe that some sort of disclosure may be imminent. As an example, he mentioned the Clinton campaign and their seeming interest in UFOs, mainly because of the influence of campaign manager John Podesta, whose interest is well-known. Part of the infamous Wikileaks revelations were emails between Podesta and rockstar Tom DeLonge, who has claimed to be in contact with high-level officials interested in disclosure. The email leaks revealed that DeLonge was not lying about his contacts, but Rojas pointed out that the publicity "could have had them shy away" from any further activities.

Referring to previous releases of UFO documents from the U.S. government, Rojas says that the idea that the Air Force discontinued investigations in 1969 (when Project Blue Book closed down) is "deception and spin to the point of being dishonest." He pointed to a reporting system known as "OPREP3" that has been uncovered by researchers and is used for documenting UFO sightings near military bases. He also referred to agencies that logged reports over the years, but no longer exist, making it even more difficult to request any records. Rojas also said he was pleased with the open and positive reporting this year by the Canadian media on the efforts of Canadian researcher Chris Rutkowski. During call-ins, Archer from Hawaii said that he used to work in a government facility that had a stone arch at the entrance into which was carved, "Everything you see here, hear here, do here: Leave here" and hung up. Rojas believes the story to watch in 2017 will involve DeLonge.


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