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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the discovery of a dinosaur's tail covered with feathers encased in amber; an experiencer who detailed the relationships between Praying Mantis aliens and other ETs; and another who shared his interaction with an intelligence in another dimension who made surprising claims about our universe. Regarding the paleontology discovery at a site in Myanmar on the China border, Linda spoke with Prof. Ryan McCellar in Canada who has analyzed the amber, and said it's the first time that dinosaur tissue and feathers are still attached inside one piece of amber. He postulated that the prehistoric creatures may have used feathers for either camouflage, visual signaling, or insulation. More here.

In her second report, Simon Parkes, a former Councilor for the London Borough of Hackney, detailed his long history of alien interactions and encounters with Praying Mantis entities. According to Parkes, the Mantis are extremely ancient beings who were actually born on Earth, and "have been accepted by many other off-planet entities as an arbiter," or referee between various factions including Reptilians, Blonds, and Greys. The Reptilians, who are very psychic, seek for humans to develop into machines and AI, while the Blond "Nordics" seem to stand in opposition to them, he indicated. Further info.

In a two-part interview, contactee Jerry Wills described his intense experience when he traveled through the Doorway of Aramu in Peru. He found himself falling through darkness and ended up in a white chamber, where a disembodied male voice informed him that "there are many universes and you have just passed from yours into ours." He was shown a "large, black, gelatinous-looking thing floating in the air," that he was told was the universe Earth came from. Further, the voice suggested that his universe had created ours as a kind of laboratory within theirs, and that their universe in turn was folded inside another larger universe. For more on this fascinating interview, see Linda's full report Part 1, Part 2.

Hacking & Tech News

First hour guest, internet and privacy expert Lauren Weinstein talked about hacking cases, and other technology stories in the news. The recently announced Yahoo hack, which involved stolen data of a staggering 1 billion users back in 2013, was set-up through "spear phishing" emails sent to Yahoo employees who clicked on links masquerading as something else, he explained. Weinstein also talked about the issue of "fake news" and how companies such as Facebook are stepping up their efforts to label such content as false or likely false.

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In tandem with her 12/20/16 reports, Linda Moulton Howe shares this illustration of a 'Praying Mantis' encounter.

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