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Alternative Fuels/ Shamanic Teachings

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In the first half, ecological biologist and expert in alternative fuels David Blume updated his ventures into alcohol-based fuels (such as ethanol) and explained why he thinks they're a viable replacement for gasoline. Ethanol production has increased dramatically in the last few years around the world, he reported, and its usage is far less polluting than gasoline. He cited recent interest in China for alcohol fuels, as they battle tremendous amounts of air pollution in cities such as Beijing. In Brazil, populous locations such as Sao Paulo were able to turn their pollution problem around by switching over to alcohol fuels, he noted.

A million tons of food waste goes to landfill, and we could make at least 20 billion gallons of alcohol in the United States from that to replace 1/6 to 1/7 of our fuel needs, and it wouldn't choke our landfills and add more methane to the atmosphere, he outlined. Blume predicted that by around March 2017 there will be an unexplained massive price rise in gasoline, probably topping out at around $4 a gallon before it goes back down but at a significantly higher level than we're used to paying now. "I think we're looking at the end of cheap gas," he commented. While many gas stations sell fuel that has 10% ethanol, standard cars could actually run on as high as 30% mixed in with regular gasoline, without any adjustments needing to be made to their engines, he detailed.


In the latter half, paleoanthropologist and shamanic teacher, Hank Wesselman, spoke about the importance of renewing relationships with nature to reawaken us to spiritual reality and a sense of connection. He discussed the role of the shaman as a mediator between the material and spiritual worlds as well as guides, oversouls, and masters of deception-- unseen spiritual forces that can wreak havoc. The indigenous people understood that reality presents itself in two halves, that which is seen, and that which is hidden. The shaman's path is about investigating and penetrating into the hidden and inner worlds, he explained, adding that these "inner worlds are inhabited by transpersonal forces that traditional people call spirits." Wesselman wonders if what we call aliens could actually be these spirits.

He recalled his experience of time travel, when during a set of visions, he observed life from the perspective a man who lives in the future, 5,000 years after the collapse of western civilization (for more on this, see his book Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future). Regarding, the "masters of deception," Wesselman cited the concept of an "egregore," a thought form or mind parasite. These "uninvited guests" can infect the vulnerable and are related to what the Gnostics referred to as Archons, he said. Speaking about the transition into death, "we are re-archived into our personal God-self, into our personal oversoul, which is actually a matrix composed of all of our former lives," he imparted.

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