Trends for 2017/ Effective Relationships

Trends for 2017/ Effective Relationships


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsGeorge Ure, Georgina Cannon

In the first half, business consultant and financial writer George Ure shared predictions, and his analysis of the economy, and social trends unfolding in 2017 and beyond. He foresees several economic windows in 2017, with a stock market high around the time of the inauguration in January, another one in March or April, followed by a possible all time high around the end of July. However, 2017 will also be a year of warring business models, with the dominance of online retailers like Amazon further eroding the viability of brick and mortar stores, he said. Such structural changes to the economy could contribute to a serious collapse in the fall of 2017 that would rival the Great Depression, he warned.

In other trends, Ure spoke about a movement in real estate towards "micro-homes" that may eventually have no windows at all, but rather use flatscreens with cameras capable of viewing the outside in high definition. On the medical front, he enthused about the "Light Crown Project" which uses the process of photo-biomodulation or certain frequencies of light for healing. This technique has experimentally been used to slow the effects of age-related-macular degeneration, he reported.


In the latter half, Canadian master consulting hypnotist Georgina Cannon described the methodology she developed in her clinic called the Third Circle Protocol, which helps people to improve their relationships with everyone around them. The 'Third Circle,' she explained, is the unspoken contract that we have in all relationships, each coming with certain expectations, which are often unspoken. People often feel unfulfilled when their expectations are not met, but this can be alleviated by greater self-understanding, and fine tuning the contracts we have with others, she indicated.

The first thing you have to do, she advised, is to really know yourself, your value system, and what's important to you-- your priorities in the next six to twelve months. "What do you absolutely every relationship you have, including with yourself? And if you say, respect or to be heard, I will say to you, do you respect yourself? Do you listen to your inner self?...And what are you prepared to give to a relationship?" Cannon suggested that in order to have affirming, positive relationships we must first have that kind of relationship with ourselves, and live our lives in line with the values we are ideally seeking out in others.

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