Planet X Effects/ 'Pure Evil' Open Lines

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Planet X Effects/ 'Pure Evil' Open Lines

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In the first half, author, publisher, and producer Marshall Masters updated his Planet X research, detailing evidence which he believes points to a constellation of objects behind the sun, in the southern sky, between Mars and Jupiter. The object can occasionally be seen around sunrise or sunset, when the sun is less visible, he suggested. Further, he's concluded there will be visibility to the naked eye in November 2017, with the object appearing as large as the moon. When the mainstream media starts reporting on Nibiru (Planet X), they will suggest it's harmless, but that will be the time to seek safer ground, as the effects of its passage will be catastrophic to the Earth, he declared.

Being in an underground shelter is not necessarily the safest option, he stated, as there could be sinkholes and earthquakes that could doom such enclosures. Instead, he recommended building a kind of "layered sandwich" shelter on the surface combining about 12 ft. of dirt and and 2 ft. of basalt, which can shield from radiation and EMP. He also advises being 150 miles away from a large body of water, and 100 miles downwind of a nuclear plant. He is offering a free download (PDF file) of his new book, "Survival Wellness Advocacy," which outlines more of his tips.

Masters is convinced we're already seeing the effects of Nibiru's passage, with increased meteors and superbolides coming close to Earth, such as the damaging 2013 incident in Chelyabinsk, Russia, when an object hit the atmosphere with the strength of around 30 Hiroshima bombs. He believes there is a high probability for another such incident this February. What do you believe about Planet X? Take the C2C Instapoll.


The latter half featured Open Lines, with a special "Pure Evil" hotline. Sue, a blind woman from Chico, CA, spoke of her marriage to an evil man who beat her for years before she finally got away. Tom from Modesto also described beatings by an extremely violent stepfather who tried to drown him when he was just 13 years old. He was so badly injured he was out of school for 17 months.

Beth in Florida detailed a bizarre scheme by neighbors who brought her out to their building site at a remote Nevada desert area, and then revealed their intentions to kill her. She managed to escape in one of their vehicles, which crashed, and then she was chased by them on foot for 45 minutes, finally evading them by hiding in a junkyard. Bonnie shared an elaborate plot when she was staying at a New Orleans hotel that involved a nefarious "ET doctor" who, she claimed, replaced U2's Bono with a double when he was in town for a concert.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Dr. Peter Breggin

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