Gravity Revelations/ Secret Space Program

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Gravity Revelations/ Secret Space Program

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Engineer and independent researcher Maurice Cotterell discovered a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. In the first half of the show, he discussed his most recent work on the nature of gravity, contradictions in physics, as well as his research into medical issues and the immune system. Regarding gravity, in September 2016, he said he discovered why all objects fall to Earth at the same acceleration and speed (view related PDF file), and this led to his realization on how to make hydrogen more effectively, using antigravity energy. "The answer to gravity lies in motors and generators," Cotterell revealed, and these mechanical forces exist within atomic structure.

Electromagnetic energy or voltage which interacts with our cells, could be considered the God inside us, and gravity is a form of electromagnetic energy, he continued. Gravity is the force between two atoms, and "we've got to get on to a new kind of science" that reflects this, he indicated. "My future science explains how we can do that, to break away from the past, because what modern science thinks they can understand today is absolutely primitive and needs to be pushed out of the way."


In the latter half, pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics', Michael Salla, shared evidence that the US Navy began its initial development work on a secret space program in the 1940s, signs that the Trump administration may be more open about secret space programs, as well as assorted whistleblower revelations on the ET presence. Donald Trump doesn't take the conventional route, he remarked, and as a businessman he may look at the information he's exposed to regarding covert technologies, and try to maximize their potential in terms of putting Americans back to work (more here).

For his forthcoming book, Salla has been working with retired aerospace employee and whistleblower William Tompkins, whose firsthand accounts as well as documents suggest that the US Navy has been covertly helped by Nordic extraterrestrials in developing space battle groups since the 1950s. This has been further substantiated by FOIA documents, Salla said, as well as details about Admiral Rico Botta (related documents), whom the Navy purportedly choose to play a leading role in studying retrieved alien craft from the Los Angeles Air Raid and the Navy's espionage program out of Nazi Germany. Salla also talked about claims that Pope Francis is backing a Vatican extraterrestrial disclosure initiative, and that the Vatican's telescope on Mount Graham is monitoring for Planet X.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Lauren Weinstein

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