Formations on Mars/ Extra-Dimensions & Aliens

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Formations on Mars/ Extra-Dimensions & Aliens

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In the first half, founding investigator of the Mars research group, The Cydonia Institute, George Haas, and geoscientist Bill Saunders discussed their analysis of anomalous formations, including a curious keyhole structure (pictured above). After studying orbiter images for many years, Haas says, they have concluded that there is "overwhelming evidence for artificial structures on Mars." He also compared the new discovery to "keyhole" burial mounds on the Earth in such places as Japan, Saudi Arabia, and North America. The formation is a mile-and-a-half long and Haas guessed that it may be filled with compartments and structures underground and may even be the ruins of a city. He says that NASA attempted to explain (in a way that seemed forced) that the feature was caused by geologic faults in the surface of the planet. (Related images.)

Both Saunders and Haas agree that Mars was once inhabited by an intelligent race who built these structures, but that at some time in the distant past, the planet underwent some catastrophe that left it devoid of life. Saunders remarked that their research fits "a scenario of something in the last 20,000 years" and referred to other writers and researchers who have proposed just such ideas. Haas and Saunders are currently researching other parts of Mars that appear to have remains of artificial structures, including an area of the famous Cydonia region that seems to have "interesting and intricate pictographs of animals" according to Saunders. In response to a caller from Las Vegas, Haas remarked on the "very artificial" look of many features photographed by the Mars rovers.


Former FBI special agent John DeSouza is a researcher and experiencer of paranormal and spiritual phenomena. In the second half, he spoke about the concept of extra-dimensionality as a key to understanding where alien visitors are actually coming from and to where they're returning. His interest in the UFO subject was piqued at an early age when he experienced an encounter in New York City with a flying saucer that emerged from an area of the sky where the stars seemed to disappear and looked like "a cloud of black ink." It descended and shone a light on him before disappearing from where it had emerged. Because of this experience, DeSouza came to believe that the UFO phenomenon "doesn’t behave like physical phenomena as we know it."

In the third hour, DeSouza spoke about a case he has investigated with a woman he called "Martha X Outreacher" who was involved in a meditation group that was attempting to contact aliens, and achieved some sort of experience that had all the classic earmarks of an abduction. She later complained that there were devices implanted in her body by what appeared to be military personnel. De Souza believes that the negative and human-caused aspects of the case were screen memories imposed by the entities she contacted. He then referred to a file that is available on the FBI site which details an older report by an agent who said that the UFO entities "transit here by changing their vibration of existence" and that physical-appearing craft are projections by these beings. He is working on a new book about people "who hear a voice of authority, comfort, guidance, and strength" that helps them with life problems.

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