John DeSouza

John DeSouza


John DeSouza has investigated and collected experiences on paranormal topics for two decades. He was an FBI Special Agent who maintained a Top Secret security clearance for over 25 years. He worked counter-terrorism and violent crime cases. And also during that time, he collected what he calls "The Real Life X-FILES."



Past Shows:

  • Aliens, UAP, & Area 51

    Former national security investigator John DeSouza discussed the disclosure of UAP, the nature of aliens, FBI files, and more. First-hour guest Rick Harrison shared an inside view of his TV show "Pawn Stars."More »
  • The UFO 'Fear Program' / Supernatural & Law Enforcement

    Paranormal researcher John DeSouza shared his contention that the current UAP disclosure process is part of a "UFO fear program." Followed by crime scene investigator Paul Rimmasch with supernatural experiences of police officers.More »
  • Against All Odds: Our Universe / 'X-Files' Cases

    Robert Piccioni revealed how finely tuned our universe is for life. Followed by John DeSouza on UFO portals and clear-hearing.More »
  • RFK Assassination / X-Files Cases

    Lisa Pease discussed the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Followed by John DeSouza on the paranormal and X-files-type cases.More »
  • The Great Voice/ The Hat Man

    In the first half, John Lott commented on the Las Vegas shooting. Followed by John DeSouza on the "great voice," and Heidi Hollis on the evil Hat Man.More »
  • Formations on Mars/ Extra-Dimensions & Aliens

    George Haas and Bill Saunders discussed anomalous formations on Mars. Former FBI special agent John DeSouza spoke about extra-dimensionality and UFOs.More »
  • Climate Change/ Paranormal Intervention

    In the first half, civil engineer for over 30 years, Joseph A. Olson, who worked with Dr. Tim Ball and other scientists on an important science text debunking the greenhouse gas theory, argued that the climate change debate is three-sided and only two sides are being heard. ...More »

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