Pyramids & Atlantis/ Science vs. Religion

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Pyramids & Atlantis/ Science vs. Religion

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Carmen Boulter has used her past life recall as a child to seek physical evidence for her visions of temples and pyramids. At the start of the program, she announced a very recent discovery of a pyramid in Spain, under which ground penetrating radar has located an apparent system of tunnels. She compared this to a pyramid complex in Bosnia, which has similar structures which she says have been carbon dated at 38,000 years old. Boulter said that she currently believes the legendary civilization of Atlantis was "destroyed in four major Earth catastrophes" and its capital was built on the intersection between three tectonic plates. Her opinion is that it was a worldwide, advanced civilization with "abilities that had to do with the transmutation of the atom" which allowed them to perform such feats as teleportation and levitation.

Boulter thinks that the civilizations who built the oldest pyramids took their knowledge and techniques to other areas of the planet and shared their ideas, and this is why we see pyramids in many ancient civilizations. She pointed to the example of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, which she says would need to have one stone installed per minute in order to be built in the time that some claim it was completed, and added that our current technology has not advanced to the point where we could dismantle it. She continued with her theory that Atlantis was based on a model of "empowering humanity" and "was about everyone having an opportunity to be creative," in contrast to our modern civilization which Boulter thinks is founded on suppression of creativity and original thinking.


In the second half, film producer and intellectual outlier Rick DeLano talked about his work researching theories of cosmology, Copernicus and the political and religious fallout resulting from changes in scientific discoveries and the power struggles over the last several hundred years between the church and science over who controls the narrative of the creation saga. DeLano has produced a film called "The Principle" that examines the idea that the Earth is the center of creation, and that hundreds of years of scientific theory (accepted as fact) may be wrong. He began by stating that the every scientific finding since Galileo has continued to move the Earth away from the center of the solar system and the universe. In the past few years, he says, research into the Cosmic Background Radiation (which is supposedly a remnant of the Big Bang) shows that it is not randomly distributed in the universe.

The newest findings are that this radiation is aligned with the plane of the rotation of the solar system and the equinoxes as we experience them on the Earth. DeLano said that observations of and equations concerning the structure of the universe were continually "smoothed out" because they seemed to tend towards the idea of putting us at the center, which was disproved by Copernicus and Galileo. As more data came in, he says that some scientists had to start accepting the idea that the Catholic Church may have been essentially right that man and his home planet were placed here by design, and not chance. He stated that he was not unbiased in accepting these findings, because he is a "firm believer in God and the only way to explain this universe is to assign it to an intelligent designer."

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