Satanic Ritual Abuse/ Open Lines

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Satanic Ritual Abuse/ Open Lines

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During the first two hours, George Noory welcomed ordained minister Russ Dizdar for a conversation on the connection between satanic ritual abuse and the dark forces of the New World Order (NWO). The globe as a whole is feeling the impending darkness closing in," he reported. According to Dizdar, real demonic forces are powering a satanic underground to bring about a massive collapse of nations in order for a group of clandestine political-military elites to come into power. "Satan is clearly real... and the demonic side is clearly real," Dizdar argued, noting how possessions have increased by tens of thousands, as well as incidents of sleep paralysis, ritual crimes, and other dark practices. We are heading to Armageddon, he added.

"Modern day satanic ritual abuse is the process by which the underground is trying to create... god-men, the super soldier," Dizdar continued, pointing out how this operation is supernaturally powered. Those who have been ritually abused have sub-programmed personalities which can be activated to cause violence to the benefit of the NWO. Dizdar suggested this is what compelled the actions of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and the deranged actions of many other horrific criminals throughout history. He shared a frightening account when the sub personality of a ritually-abused woman tried to stab him. Dizdar also explained how he uses prayer to protect himself and why demons fear the name of "Jesus."


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Eric, truck driving through Indiana, wondered if the Earth could actually be flat. He pondered upon such things as why water does not fall off of the planet, and if people in Antarctica see the same night sky as him. Jim in Riverside, California, shared his beliefs about the end times. What's coming is not about Satan, it's the day of the Lord, he announced. "He's going to bring destruction to the planet," Jim warned, pointing to sign posts of the coming of a great prophet empowered by the spirit of Elijah, who will become king of Israel and rebuild the Temple. "He's here right now... and when my day is fully come, you'll know," Jim revealed. Rob in Vancouver, British Columbia, recounted the time his 1885 pocket watch, non-functioning since the 1960s, miraculously restarted during a previous Coast show featuring psychic Uri Geller.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Peter Davenport

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