2017 Predictions/ Capturing Bigfoot

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2017 Predictions/ Capturing Bigfoot

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Born one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth Joyce has had her psychic gifts from birth. She has become internationally respected for her gifts as a psychic and energetic healer. She personally believes the credit should go to the Divine as well as to her guides and teachers. She began the program’s first half by saying that she predicted the outcome of the very surprising Super Bowl 51, which had just ended a few hours earlier, as well as last year’s World Series. George asked her about developments in the Middle East and Asia for the rest of this year. Joyce sees internal problems for Iran, which will derail or at least delay their weapons program. Internal strife in North Korea will lead to the removal or assassination of dictator Kim Jong Un, says Joyce. She sees China entering a conflict over Taiwan and also trying to invade North Korea, but will fail in both efforts because she thinks that the country has "ships and aircraft that aren’t built that well."

On the terrorist front, Joyce predicts that ISIS will be around "for about one or two years" before it is defeated. She sees France bearing the brunt of terrorist activity this year. Europe will begin to destabilize to the point where it will "not be called Europe anymore" by 2020. She also sees a strong market until August, when the influence of the total eclipse that will be seen across the United States will destabilize the economy until the end of the year. She cautioned Clint Eastwood and Shirley Maclaine to take special care of their health this year, and believes that Tom Cruise will quit films and become the head of Scientology. She also predicted that the Clintons would leave politics and that when the Dalai Lama visits France, he will have a serious health problem. In the second hour, she gave predictions, advice, and readings for callers.


Peter von Puttkamer is an award-winning television and independent documentary filmmaker. In the second half, he first described his documentary film adventure with a Venezuelan tribe who hunt and eat 12-inch spiders. Von Puttkamer described the taste of spider as "like crab meat." He then described his childhood growing up around Native Americans who told him stories of Sasquatch and actually dressed up as the creature in their religious ceremonies. He said that in the course of producing programs like "Monster Hunters," he heard of an organization that was trying to shoot and kill a Bigfoot to provide science with some physical proof. The group is the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization and one of the members, Jim Lansdale, joined the program to discuss the methods they are using to try and hunt down a specimen. Von Puttkamer said their mission is "to kill a Bigfoot for science."

Soon after, Farlan Huff of the Honobia (Oklahoma) Bigfoot Conference, came on the line to declare his opposition to the plan. Huff believes that Bigfoot is a human-like creature and that killing one would be akin to murder. He speculated that if he could talk to one, it would tell him that they are "people" and "have their own culture and their own language." Lansdale countered that the individuals they are looking to hunt down are what he calls "nuisance animals," that is, those who are threatening people. Lansdale believes he and his colleagues can tell the difference between aggressive Bigfoot animals (such as those who are apparently killing dogs and other domestic animals) and those who are not. He also believes that Bigfoot is closer to an animal or ape than a human. Von Puttkamer provided a link to a video he and Lansdale believe depicts a genuine Bigfoot.


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