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Independent Hawaii/ Realizing Life Goals

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In the first half, Dr. David "Keanu" Sai, who has a Ph.D. in Political Science specializing in Hawaiian Constitutionalism and International Relations, argued that Hawaii is not legally a US State, and it should be considered a sovereign nation, as it was never legally part of the US. "Hawaii," he mused, "was kidnapped but it was treated like it was adopted." Since 1843, Hawaii was recognized as an independent state, and had consulates in various locations throughout the US, he noted, but the US sought to gain Hawaii as a military outpost, and a puppet government bypassed the monarchy and signed a treaty with America in 1893.

Later that year, President Cleveland received a diplomatic protest from the head of state of the Hawaiian Kingdom, claiming that US marines had overthrown a neutral government. An investigation was initiated and the Secretary of State at the time, agreed that the US bore responsibility for the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian government, Sai reported. In 1898, an annexation resolution was passed by US Congress to seize Hawaii during the Spanish-American War, and the military never left-- there are currently 118 military installations on the islands, he added. Sai has participated in proceedings at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands, which has verified that the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists, and is not a part of the United States.


In the latter half, intuitive life coach Joanna Garzilli discussed her effective 11-step program to get people into their "miracle zone" and move forward with momentum to create the lives they want. What she found is that a miracle isn't something intangible, it's simply bringing your heart's desire or life purpose into physical manifestation. Such miracles happen through a series of small, consistent action steps, she continued. One of the steps is to set an intention to allow such a miracle to come through, and each person's miracle may be unique and personal, she noted.

By thinking of yourself as a spiritual vehicle and living without ego, one can get more of bird's eye view on life situations, she said, and problems can be solved by looking inward rather than at external factors. Further, you have to be ready to commit to your breakthrough, and do the work or steps, rather than just waiting for something to happen, she advised. Garzilli also talked about forgiving one's mistakes, and using an exercise called Karmic Debt, in which you take two sheets of paper-- on one, you list people that owe you or have hurt you in some way, and on the other, a list of your debts to other people, and those you have hurt. By writing down these thoughts, she explained, it brings awareness about possible blockages that are holding you back.

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