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Spirit Guides/ Global Transformation

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In the first half, spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen discussed how she communicates with departed loved ones and spirit guides in order to aid the living. Interestingly, while the spirits she works with are happily settled on the Other Side, it's the living that are unsettled, having a hard time with closure, and seeking guidance. One of the most gratifying aspects of her work is helping families who have lost young children. "When children pass away, they're very advanced old souls. So they come here, do their job here on Earth, and when their job is done they move on," though this is difficult to impart to parents, she said.

When people die, the soul is instantly ejected from the physical body, and there is a consciousness that becomes the ongoing energy, which is not the mind or the brain, she continued. Spirit guides are always available to help us, and trying to get our attention, Rosen remarked, but we have to give them permission to work with us. There are a number of signs and methods that spirits use to try and get our attention, she cited, such as working through an animal like a cat. It's important to communicate with the Other Side, "because we are not alone in this world, and we are not here to navigate it on our own. On the Other Side, they have a...broader perspective of the bigger plan for our life," she concluded.


In the latter half, former executive director of the think tank, Center for Planetary Culture, radical futurist and philosopher, Daniel Pinchbeck, outlined his ideas for an intentional redesign of our current exclusionary systems into participatory, democratic, and inclusive ones. He cited examples from communities around the world where formal structures for everything from work and careers to parenting and relationships have been torn down, and rebuilt. For instance, while many people are monogamous, there is a group in Portugal called Tamera that is composed of about 170 people based on non-possessive, sometimes multi-partner relationships that are rooted on trust, and children are raised by the community as a whole.

Pinchbeck expressed grave concern over environmental crises and climate change issues facing humankind. We need to rethink and redesign our society so that we mesh with the ecology, he advised, and this involves stepping back and creating an enduring and regenerative system that supports the community of life on the planet. Pondering the future, he foresees that psychic capacities may be further developed to yield transformative changes on society, while the current debt-based economic system which enforces artificial scarcity, could be overhauled to a completely new approach in how we exchange value.

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