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Animal and inter-species communicator Amelia Kinkade discussed her work helping humans to understand the thoughts and emotions of animals using telepathic abilities available to everyone. "It's an ability to float out into the world on a bridge of love.... accessing other living beings from your heart to their heart, and being able to see the world from their point of view," Kinkade said, noting she was entirely skeptical of animal telepathy before her own experiences proved otherwise. She explained how to enter a trance state by focusing on awareness of the divine mind and love for the animal with which one seeks to communicate.

According to Kinkade, all living beings emanate frequencies into the world and through meditative stillness one can actually hear what's happening with other creatures. "It's not something that's supernatural, it's something that should be fundamental to the human animal," she suggested. As an example, Kinkade revealed how she remotely communicated with cats in a tiger sanctuary in Africa and discovered the eldest tiger had an issue with its teeth. The tiger's problem (a brain tumor for which an upper molar was removed in an attempt to operate on it) was verified when she arrived at the sanctuary.

Kinkade recounted the time she volunteered at a lion sanctuary where she communicated with a deadly black mamba snake in her cabin. "She danced in front of me and I told her how amazing and how beautiful she was," Kinkade recalled. She also spoke about a family of elephants that would gather at her tent before she arrived, as well as the time she had a telepathic conversation with a massive great white shark. She told me, "'When you can teach your children how to talk to our children, there might be some hope for the human race.'"

Open Lines followed in the last hour of the program.

News segment guests: Stan Deyo (photos) / Peter Davenport

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