Nature of the Universe/ Mind Enhancement

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Robert Lanza, Anthony Hamilton

In the first half, renegade thinker and scientist, Robert Lanza, discussed what he's concluded about the nature of the universe, and how consciousness is the key to all of creation. His theory of "biocentrism" contends that life is not an accident of physics, and the effect of the observer is crucial. In other words, without conscious observers, the universe would not exist as we know it. Further, the notion of time, past and future, is relative to the observer, and doesn't exist without a consciousness to identify it, he outlined.

The cycle of life and death, he posited, could be thought of as an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking, "like a perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse." Death is not an end, as energy never dies-- he continued. Lanza also shared the latest developments in his work with stem cell therapy. Stem cells have successfully been turned into retinal cells for patients with macular degeneration and blindness with impressive improvements in vision, he reported. They have also had success using stem cells to treat dogs who had the equivalent of Crohn's disease and other ailments that were previously resistant to treatment.


Retired professor of Communications, Anthony Hamilton had a prophetic dream at ten years of age which changed his life and led him to believe that we all have the ability to be time travelers. In the latter half, he shared his story and discussed his lifelong pursuit of mind enhancement techniques which result in greater happiness and prosperity. When Hamilton fell from a tree at age 10 and was knocked unconscious, he had a flash of insight that showed him what his life would be like at age 32-33-- working as a professor, writing books, and married to an Asian woman.

Because of this, he arrived at the idea of the mind as a mental time machine, and that memories are built upon connections rather than just being recordings. Of all the principles behind reaching success, the most important is having a goal, he cited, and this pertains to visualizing an aspect of your future. The part of you that travels into the future is your inner awareness, and one of the keys to heal and improve your life, is to think about past successes, Hamilton continued. Via the Law of Attraction, re-experiencing one's past triumphs will make a person notice more happiness and success in thei present and future, he added.

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