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Cyber-Crime/ Doctors' Miraculous Stories

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In the first half, one of the top keynote speakers on cybersecurity, Kevin Mitnick, discussed the latest in technology, and how we can protect our assets and identity in the sophisticated and evolving world of cyber-crime. Regarding the hacking of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's Gmail account during the election, he fell victim to a phishing scheme, clicking on a link that seemingly came from Google, and then putting in his credentials. From there, hackers were able to retrieve his password info, and steal all his emails, Mitnick recounted, adding that if he'd used a form of two-step authentication (notification of approval must come from a second device), it would have prevented the hack.

One con involves someone calling from what they claim is the "Windows Support Center," and they try to get you to install software so they can gain remote access to your computer. If you agree, they install malicious code and then charge you a fee to fix it, he explained (listen to audio of Mitnick playing along on such a call). Such criminal cases are on the rise, with hackers ransoming users in order to debug their computer or to unlock their hard drive-- problems that the hackers caused in the first place. Mitnick helped develop a service called KnowBe4, which gives companies the platform to do simulated phishing attacks against their employees so they can kind of "inoculate" them, and thus teach them to recognize real threats.


Scott J. Kolbaba, MD, a practicing internist, interviewed 200 courageous physicians who came forward with the most miraculous experiences of their careers. In the latter half, he shared some of their amazing experiences. One orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mochell, relayed a story about a patient named Mary who flatlined, but eventually regained a pulse after "Code Red" CPR efforts, finally becoming conscious the next day. Several days after that, when she was leaving the hospital, she thanked the surgeon and proceeded to describe in great detail the medical efforts that revived her in the emergency room, even though she was unconscious and had no heartbeat at the time.

A trauma surgeon, Dr. Heim, told Kolbaba about a ski trip in Colorado with his family, and how they found themselves in the midst of a snowstorm. He suddenly had a strong premonition, and moved some distance in the opposite direction of his family, and came to a large pine tree. There, under the tree, was an unconscious skier covered in snow. Heim was able to set his broken leg with a tree branch and get help for the man, who fully recovered. Another tale involved a visitation from the ghost or apparition of an Irish midwife, who intervened in the difficulty pregnancy of obstetrician's wife, and may have saved her life.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Steve Kates

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