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Inside the UFO Mystery

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Last March on Coast to Coast, rock star-turned UFO investigator Tom DeLonge first unveiled his plan to launch an unprecedented disclosure effort involving a cadre of high level government and military officials. Now, a year later, he and his co-author Peter Levenda have a new non-fiction book out, and joined George Knapp for the entire program to reveal a far-reaching examination of the historical, cultural, and religious threads that bind modern humans to the UFO mystery. Some of the names of DeLonge's insider contacts were revealed in the WikiLeaks emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, and one of the contacts reportedly spoke of a recovered life-form.

According to the information DeLonge received, there are multiple races of beings visiting Earth, some for thousands of years or more, and they don't necessarily get along with each other. Levenda compared the contact between these beings and humans as akin to a Cargo Cult, in which religions are created around what is perceived as a supernatural event. In regards to concerns that government insiders could be feeding disinformation to DeLonge, Levenda noted that DeLonge respectfully came to them, rather than the insiders seeking him out.

Interestingly, several of DeLonge's insider sources mentioned Greek mythology, implying that one of the alien races was actually the Gods of that ancient era, making themselves visibly known and intervening in human affairs. "That's when we got the Greek alphabet, democracy...and the architecture," DeLonge said, and "we've been living off the information the intelligence has been giving us as they pop up from time to time." The notion that humanity was created as a slave race dates back to Sumerian records, and interbreeding between gods and humans is referenced in the Bible with the Nephilim, Levenda pointed out, adding that there is evidence by Russian scientists that the genetic code was actually artificially created.

Much of this has been kept secret by the powers-that-be because the idea that humans were created by another species, and are not in complete control is so disturbing, DeLonge remarked. Ancient records also describe wars between gods, and humans could be "the victims of a proxy war," he continued, citing how one of his contacts compared two of the alien species to the angels and demons of the Bible. In general, the alien agenda seems to concern empire building and resource extraction, he added. DeLonge was recently named UFO Researcher of the Year by (view related video). For more, read the foreword (PDF) to DeLonge's first Sekret Machines book written by Jim Semivan, a former Senior CIA Officer.

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