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Medical Breakthroughs/ Secret Societies

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In the first half, author and researcher Christian Wilde discussed various breakthrough treatments and approaches for cancer, and heart disease. While he has long cited the anti-cancerous benefits of the supplement turmeric, the FDA has taken notice, and is currently conducting some 181 trials for treating various types of cancer, sometimes in combination with standard chemotherapy drugs (Wilde provided a graphic which shows the amplified healing effect of turmeric when combined with other treatments). Immunotherapy is another promising approach for treating certain types of cancers, he noted, and can be used for patients even if they have previously undergone chemotherapy.

After receiving an immunotherapy drug, one in 10 patients in the UK who were expected to die from kidney cancer, had a complete recovery, and their tumors were eradicated, he marveled. Another promising approach is a new class of drugs called PD-1 inhibitors, which activate the immune system to attack tumors. Wilde also talked about a highly effective new cardiology treatment for calcified arteries called Jetstream by Boston Scientific.


In the latter half, author, ufologist and cryptozoologist, Nick Redfern revealed the hidden histories, agendas, and lore of various overlooked secret orders, clandestine groups, and shadowy organizations. Such groups exist for different reasons, sometimes to gain influence and power, he noted, and other times to enact various rituals, and sacrifices. In the early 1970s, UFO researchers in the UK began to receive curious tapes from an organization calling itself the Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network. It turned out that the secretive organization was actually a very sinister ultra right-wing group that was using the UFO topic as a guise to recruit and infiltrate.

When UK farm animals were found dead, ritualistically laid out in fields, the killings were linked to the Cult of the Moon Beast, a secret society performing ancient sacrificial rites to achieve more money, power and influence, Redfern outlined. He also spoke about the Loch Ness Dragon Cult, a 1960s dragon worshiping group that was active in the area where Nessie was sighted. A Nessie researcher was harassed by the group, said Redfern, and claimed that the cult was actually sacrificing humans, though this was never completely confirmed.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Peter Davenport

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