Para-Cymatics & Creating Paranormal Activity

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Para-Cymatics & Creating Paranormal Activity

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George Noory welcomed paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren, who discussed his new field of research called Para-Cymatics, and how his groundbreaking experiments led him to discover a method to create paranormal activity.

Warren traced the beginning of his Para-Cymatic research to Robert the Haunted Doll, which under ultraviolet light displays a snowflake-like symbol on its sleeve that is otherwise invisible under regular conditions. According to Warren, the strange marking on Robert was a sigil (a symbol used in magic), and he soon discovered sigils on many of his own cursed objects. A sigil is created when a magician generates a powerful intention which gets expressed as a vibration and then transformed into a symbol capturing the energy, he explained.

Sigils work much like antennas allowing energy to flow both ways, Warren continued, noting a sigil can be powered from the human body itself. Tattoos are sigils which change how the body's bio-energy behaves, he added. Once the sigil is created it can be used to conjure a tulpa (mind-created entity), Warren revealed. "It's transforming non-physical vibrational energy into physical patterns and sigils that can be used to create paranormal activity, thought-forms, tulpas of all kinds... so far in my experiments this is highly effective," he said.

Warren outlined his development of an organic way to create sigils using water and sound vibrations, and examining the results under different types of light. Warren revealed how he created a sigil with the intention of attracting a ghost, put it on his bedroom door, and received a complaint from his wife of something shoving her on the bed. Warren announced sigils for prosperity, relationships, and psychic abilities are available for download at his website. He asked Coast listeners to test them and report back with results. Warren also recounted an experience when he created a tulpa of a large dark masculine entity which still haunts his former abode.

The final hour of the program featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport

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