Mysterious Radio Bursts & Underground Pyramid

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Mysterious Radio Bursts & Underground Pyramid

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe delved into radio bursts over a billion light-years from Earth, the decline of coral in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and an account of a huge underground pyramid and its link to alien influences. In January, scientists announced that very rapid radio bursts were mysteriously repeating, which led to the question: Could fast radio bursts be powering alien probes or even interstellar transports with heavy payloads up to a million tons? She spoke with Harvard's Astronomy Chair, Avi Loeb, who believes such a theory is possible. The source behind such radio bursts would have to be immensely powerful, which suggests it could be artificial, he indicated, adding that an Earth-sized radiowave beam focused on a huge "light sail" could possibly power interstellar cargo craft. More here.

Humans and marine life depend upon coral reefs to sustain ocean creatures large and small. But in the last 30 years, about half of all this planet's coral reefs have died. And now, in the northern half of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, two-thirds of the reefs are dead or dying, related to the rise in ocean temperatures, and overfishing. Linda interviewed Prof. Kim Cobb at Georgia Tech, who said there were experiments being done to take strains of the more resilient corals and breed a new generation of temperature resistant corals. She stressed the importance of the coral reef systems, which serve as nurseries for around 75% of the world's fish population. Further details.

In her third and fourth segments, she talked to Dina Napier, who described being inside a large underground black pyramid in Alaska, that was of very ancient origin. Her descriptions of this strange object shared similarities to a case Linda previously investigated concerning an alleged 550 ft.-high "dark pyramid" buried near Mt. Denali in Alaska. Napier's experiences with the pyramid began in 1995 in a vivid altered state/dream experience that she said was akin to remote viewing. She said she was with a group of people, apparently studying energy that could be leaching out of the pyramid. Napier detailed her encounters with Reptilians at a young age and wondered if her visit to the pyramid was linked to the alien influence in her life since childhood.

Alternative Health Tips

First hour guest, pharmacist Ben Fuchs, offered tips on health, diet, and natural supplements. "We live on a planet of abundance...that has medicine built into it," he commented, and if you go into the rain forest, almost every living system there has medicinal properties. The problem of tinnitus (a ringing sound in the ear) is due to an inflammatory response, he cited, like almost all other chronic conditions, and you have to regard food as the major culprit. Fuchs recommends practicing an "elimination diet" to determine which foods could be causing a reaction. He also shared hangover remedies, which included B vitamins, and alkalizing the body via various minerals.

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