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North & South Korea/ Skepticism, Bigfoot & the Paranormal

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Journalist Michael Breen first began living in South Korea in 1982, and covered North and South Korea for several newspapers, including the Guardian (UK), the Times (UK), and the Washington Times. In the first half, he discussed the dramatic changes that have happened in South Korea over the years, as well as how the leadership of North Korea came to be and what it means to the United States. What many don't realize, is that South Koreans have developed from poverty and backwardness to advanced nation status in the space of a lifetime-- South Korea is currently the 11th biggest economy, and its culture is known around the world.

He posited that South Korea's amazing development transpired through a series of what he calls "miracles," which included democratization. When Breen first arrived, the country was still in a military dictatorship, but the increase in wealth created a middle class, who had different needs, including living in a democracy, he explained. He recounted how he interviewed Kim Il-sung, the founding father of North Korea back in 1994 (the grandfather of North Korea's current leader, Kim Jong-un), when he was in his eighties. Breen does not believe that North Korea will act as a catalyst for a world war, as it's viewed more as a pain in the neck, and the forces around the country are all on the same side as the US.


In the latter half, professional paranormal investigator and feature columnist for Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, Joe Nickell discussed his latest work on ghosts and Bigfoot. Using the best science and technology available, he has researched many prominent ghost sightings and experiences. Recently, he's been examining Bigfoot cases, and has concluded that many eyewitnesses are actually describing brown bear sightings, as the animals are known to stand up on their hind legs at times, and walk upright for brief distances. If there was an unknown creature roaming the woods, wouldn't we have already found bones or some other definitive remains?, he pondered.

Regarding crop circles, he compared them to graffiti, which can happen in the middle of the night and in odd locations, but they are definitely man-made, he said. Speaking of the 'Flatwoods Monster' case involving a alien/robot seen in tandem with a UFO in West Virginia in 1952, Nickell visited the site and talked to witnesses. He determined that the craft the two boys saw was a meteor (seen in other states that night) and that the strange 7 ft. tall alien was actually a barn owl perched on a tree limb. In one of his investigations into paranormal/ghostly phenomena, he looked into the 'Atlanta House of Blood' mystery, and concluded that the blood on the walls and floors had been splattered onto the surfaces, probably by the homeowners, rather than somehow oozing out on its own, as was claimed.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Howard Bloom, Dr. Peter Breggin

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