Stem Cell Technology/ Hidden Bible Codes

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Stem Cell Technology/ Hidden Bible Codes

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In the first half, cosmetic surgeon and anti-aging medicine specialist Dr. Doohi Lee discussed how he has begun to use stem cell technology in his practice. Lee has also developed a sensor called "Mind for Life," based on the functional brain scanning of Dr. Daniel Amen. Mentalist and memory expert Jim Karol appeared briefly at the start of the interview to talk about his interest in Dr. Lee's work, and brain research. Stem cells are foundational cells from the body that have regenerative qualities, and are tied into different organs and functions, Lee explained, adding that as someone approaches age 60-70, they are down to about 10-15% of the stem cells they were born with, and the cells don't work as well.

Older stem cells can sometimes benefit from exosomes, a product developed from fresh tissue that can make one's own stem cells more effective, he reported. In his practice, he withdraws stem cells from fatty tissues or bone marrow and injects them back into another area of the body, and has seen some fantastic results. Research is being developed to program adult stem cells into behaving similar to embryonic cells, he announced, and one day patients may be able to walk into a clinic and select from prepackaged stem cell preparations designed to treat specific ailments.


Noted appraiser and conservator of artifacts and antiquities, Timothy P. Smith has recovered many priceless historical items, none of which has amazed and excited him as much as the "Chamberlain Key." In the latter half, he detailed his discovery of this key, and how he unlocked it. While researching his family's heritage, he was able to view the Leningrad Codex, the oldest complete manuscript of the Old Testament in Hebrew. In the 30th chapter of Genesis, he discovered an "encrypted key code" that works just like a pass code-- it was the 9-letter Hebrew name Timotheos, which corresponds to his own name.

Compacted with this code inside Genesis 30, he said, there was a huge amount of information about Jesus of Nazareth. "It talks specifically about his virgin birth, his life, his true identity, his trial, his crucifixion, his resurrection," and the codes were working like DNA, where there could be codes on top of codes, he continued. One of the most intriguing things is that the manuscript, which some scholars believe is as old as 1300 BC, is detailing specific information about Jesus, hundreds of years before he was born, he marveled. According to the narrative, it was Moses who wrote or encoded this information. Smith is looking for signs of more encrypted codes in this same Hebrew text, which he believes may offer clues to the location of long-missing sacred artifacts, such as the Ark of the Covenant.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, John Curtis

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