North Korea & the Killshot/ Exploring the Universe

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Major Ed Dames, Brian Cox

Major Ed Dames has spent the last year away from the public to conduct top secret Remote Viewing research into alarming new developments within the North Korean nuclear weapons program, ET technologies and geopolitical developments. In the first half, Dames described his belief that various governments are conducting final preparations for the "Killshot," including the launch of new solar flare warning systems by NASA. The term, which Dames says he coined many years ago, refers to "a series of very strong flares that take down power grids" and which Dames predicts will leave much of the world without electric power for weeks to months. This will cause much of the population to perish from starvation and contaminated water.

Dames sees the UFO issue as coming from a non-human intelligence that is "millions of years ahead of us" and uses consciousness as a universal language. Because of this, he believes that humanity is not ready for any meaningful contact with this intelligence. He thinks that the apparent nonsensical nature of many sightings and encounters are a way of using deception and puzzles to help mankind on an evolutionary path. He says he continues to provide intelligence data from his remote viewing exercises to the armed forces and law enforcement. Dames announced that he will be retiring from teaching remote viewing after a coming final national tour.


In the second half, Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester (UK), Brian Cox discussed some of the most fundamental questions about reality and the universe. Cox is engaged in physics research at the Large Hadron Collider. The purpose of building the device, he said, was to confirm or disprove standard 20th century theories of particle physics. Since its completion, Cox says that scientists have since proved the existence of a field that permeates all of the universe, called the "Higgs Field," which he described as a phenomenon which all particles interact with in order to obtain mass, so that essentially, the LHC confirmed the theories. In contrast to reports and rumors that the collider would destroy the world, he also said that the energies of the particles they are studying are "equivalent to a mosquito hitting you in the face."

Cox then described theories about the origins of the universe and the implications of the Big Bang theory. He said that predictions first made with mathematics later proved to be correct when scientists were able to build instruments to test the predictions, which indicates to him that there is a "construct beyond us, and we are part of it." He believes that it is the job of science to describe and predict what the underlying reality might be. As an example, he used the idea that early attempts to understand and explain a natural phenomenon like rainbows led to advances in understanding the nature of light, and then physics itself, as well as other disciplines. Cox believes that there "is an inevitability of life" in the universe, but does not believe it has visited us, although he thinks that we now have "opportunities to spread humanity throughout the solar system and out among the stars."



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