Rockets, Energy, & the Hollow Moon

Rockets, Energy, & the Hollow Moon


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDavid Adair, Open Lines

David Adair, an internationally recognized expert in space technology applications and more recently, fusion containment, discussed his current and past work, as well as hollow moon theories and facts. In the dim past, when the moon first arrived, it was a mere 22,000 miles away, and would have covered the entire sky, he reported. But over millions of years, it has gradually moved further away, such that it is now about 10 times further away. Sample lunar rocks are 100 million years younger than Earth, and this suggests that the moon was never part of our planet, he continued.

During some of the Apollo missions, modules were fired into the lunar surface, and the moon rang like a bell, in one case for around four hours. Because of this, Adair has concluded that the moon is hollow, and he also noted that its perfectly symmetrical shape is highly unusual compared to more lumpy satellites such as Deimos and Phobos that orbit around Mars. The moon is simply too big to have been captured in Earth's orbit, he remarked, so it would seem to have been flown in and placed here.

One Apollo astronaut brought tree seeds with him to the moon and they were irradiated in that environment. Upon his return they were planted, Adair recounted, and there are now some 400 "moon trees" growing quite well across the planet. In another experiment, moon dust was sprinkled on corn, and it was also said to grow quite well, he cited. In addition to talking about his work with rockets as a teenage prodigy, Adair described his experiment taking an in vitro machine inside a cloud chamber, and exposing it to gamma rays.

Open Lines

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines. Mike in North Carolina recalled a tale of his female friend, who may have been set up by a woman who had scratches over large parts of her body and sought to expose her to a demonic entity. Buck in West Virginia suggested that George host a special C2C-themed cruise ship adventure, and George said he might be able to broadcast the show from aboard the ship. A replay from 2005, when TV personality Morgus "teleported" into the LA studio was also presented.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Howard Bloom


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