Pesticides, Alien Abduction, & Sasquatch

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Pesticides, Alien Abduction, & Sasquatch

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a report of nicotine-based pesticides in drinking water and its possible effects on humans and bees; the human abduction syndrome; and an increase in strange creature sightings & UFO cases in Pennsylvania.

The first week of April 2017, chemists and engineers from the US Geological Survey and University of Iowa reported they found nicotine-based pesticides in Iowa drinking water that had cycled through water treatment filters and were not removed. This is the first time the controversial pesticide has been confirmed in tap water and no one knows what the impact is on human health. At the same time, honey beekeepers insist it's the nicotine-based pesticides that have been killing their bees for the past ten years. She spoke with Colorado honey beekeeper Tom Theobald, who expressed shock that he lost his entire colony this past winter for the first time in his apiary career. More here.

The first person in the human abduction syndrome to report the mysterious disappearance of a medically confirmed pregnancy in the mid-1980s, "Kathy Davis" was a Budd Hopkins alien abduction case and the subject of the best-selling book, "Intruders." For the first time in decades, she is going on the record with her real name, Debbie Jordan Kauble, and spoke with Linda about her experiences with the aliens, as well as her encounters with hybrids, one of them whom she believes was her lost child. "I think that these new kids, these hybrids, they're rewired" so they can receive new kinds of contact and communication, she suggested. Further details.

In the next two segments, Linda spoke with longtime Pennsylvania investigator of high strangeness, Stan Gordon, who has seen an uptick in Sasquatch encounters since the fall of 2016. He's concluded that there's an aspect to them that does not correspond to flesh and blood animals. How can they be organic, when some disappear in a flash of light, and others aren't fazed by bullets shot at close range right into their chest, Gordon pondered. He also shared recent reports of bizarre dragon-like creatures with huge wingspans, and a rectangular UFO that changed shapes as a couple observed it. More here and here.

Overmedicating & Natural Remedies

First hour guest, integrative medicine specialist, Dr. Andrew Weil, talked about the problems of overmedicating with prescription drugs, and Big Pharma's agenda. Adverse drug reactions from pharmaceuticals are the 4th leading cause of death, he cited, whereas with herbal medicine which is often played up as being dangerous, "you can count the deaths from herbal products on one hand." Regarding pharmaceutical products, "I would say that companies vastly exaggerate the benefits of these drugs, and vastly downplays their risks," he continued. Dr. Weil also warned about the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and "superbugs," noting that the overprescribing of antibiotics when not actually needed contributed to this situation.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Lauren Weinstein

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