Intelligent Design & Darwinism/ Crop Circles

Intelligent Design & Darwinism/ Crop Circles


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJonathan Wells, Patty Greer

In the first half, Jonathan Wells, who has received two Ph.D.s, one in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California at Berkeley, and one in Religious Studies from Yale University, argued that science routinely promotes the Darwinian view of evolution, yet the evidence is weak and riddled with inaccuracies. Empirical science is devolving into zombie science, he continued, shuffling along unfazed by opposing evidence. As a believer in intelligent design, he's not opposed to evolution being taught in schools, but "we should teach the evidence both for and against it," he said.

It's gotten to the point where if working scientists and professors betray any skepticism to Darwinian evolution, they can get get fired or dismissed, he lamented. Wells has collected misrepresentations about evolution in textbooks (view related graphics), and contends there simply isn't evidence for "unguided processes like natural selection and mutation" to explain the complexity and wonder of life on our planet. The Discovery Institute, a hub of the intelligent design movement, is quietly funding several research projects about intelligent design at major universities around the world that may lead to some interesting breakthroughs, he reported.


Patty Greer researches and has visited more than 100 crop circles. In the latter half, she shared the latest in crop formation research, which she believes demonstrates that crop circles are rising from the Earth in counter-rotating plasma vortices which knock down the plants in spectacular patterns. This was shown in the lab testing of the late researcher WC Levengood working with Penny Kelly, she cited. Their research led her to conclude that crop circle messages are coming from the Earth itself.

One of Levengood's intriguing findings is that the seeds from crop circle plants, which were exposed to plasma and vortices, turned into "super seeds" yielding tremendously more food and biofuel. Crop circle or plasma technology could be utilized to help feed the planet, she suggested, as well as provide an alternative to the strictures of corporate agribusiness. Greer also described her "contact" experience in a crop circle at Sugar Hill, UK in 2007, in which she saw plasma forms in the sky. Patty will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Contact in the Desert in May.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, John Curtis

Guest Podcaster: Cliff Dunning "Earth Ancients"



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