Foreign Policy/ Pleiadian Messages

Foreign Policy/ Pleiadian Messages


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsHerbert London, Christine Day

In the first half, foreign policy expert Herbert London offered commentary on hot spots around the globe including North Korea, Russia, & the Middle East. He views Kim Jong-un as a kind of extortion artist. North Korea, he said, has nothing to offer the world in terms of products and investments, and is using their nuclear weapons as both a threat, and an asset for the North Koreans in order to get food and fuel, when they start saber rattling. It's interesting that South Korea, Japan, and China have become unlikely bedfellows, willing to do whatever is necessary to restrain the North Koreans, London pointed out. Part of the difficulty, he noted, is that the US doesn't have enough intel on how Kim Jong-un will behave.

London traced some of the current day woes to the Obama administration's "leading from behind" policy, a less interventionist strategy in foreign affairs. He contends this led to a vacuum in certain regions that was eventually filled by "unpleasant actors." The Chinese have a well developed plan for commercial domination, he cited, while Russia has much less to offer. Putin comes from the KGB, and acts like he's still a secret service agent, London remarked. He is one of the richest people on the planet, and operates with complete control over Russia, he added.


Often referred to as the "Pleiadian Ambassador for the Planet" Christine Day has spent the last 27 years traveling the world helping Earthlings connect with the Pleiadians, Lemurians and spiritual realms. In the latter half, she discussed the "promise" of the Pleiadians, and the spiritual awakening that is in the process of happening on our planet. Battling lupus back in the 1990s, she ended up going with a group to Mount Shasta, where she encountered a Pleiadian spacecraft, and received telepathic communications from its occupants. After this, Day said she was eventually healed of her illness.

The Pleiadians come in two types-- reptilian, and humanoid, and both are trustworthy and carry a "dynamic light," she said. A year and a half ago, the aliens revealed to her that it was time for humanity to move to the last stage of awakening, going through the veil and back to their original sacred state. This was a promise they had made to her some time ago, she cited. Humanity will be moving from the fear-based third dimension, she detailed, to the higher dimensions where we have glimpses of an unlimited state and knowingness in the 4th dimension, and interconnectedness to god consciousness in the 5th dimension. The "Galactic Council," she added, will no longer allow the Grey aliens to interfere while humans are undergoing this transformation.

News guests: Jerome Corsi, Andre Eggelletion, Catherine Austin Fitts



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