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In the first half, analyst and reporter, Greg Hunter, the founder of USA, offered commentary on the economy and current events. While the stock market is at an all time high, he suggested that the economy is otherwise grinding to a halt, with over 8,000 store closings projected in the US for 2017 (which is 2,000 more than in the 2008 meltdown). Further, the 1st Quarter GDP was only .7%, factory orders are declining, and car sales are disappointing. The market, he continued, is rocketing higher "because they think the Fed will just keep on printing money, and buying bonds...and I just think that's a pipe dream and it's very dangerous."

He reported that China has been asking its citizens to move home from North Korea. Hunter believes that at some point the US is going to "pull the trigger" on N. Korea, as they are not going to continue to allow them to test missiles and nuclear weapons. The United States hasn't been sending their ships and personnel over there for no reason, he added. Hunter also accused the mainstream media as unfairly waging a war against Trump, and he finds no evidence that Trump and his associates colluded with the Russian government.


In the latter half, former member of the Harvard Medical School's faculty, Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, discussed her studies of various ESP phenomena, as well as the tremendous gifts of autistic savants. Deepak Chopra took part in her recent study of a savant child, who repeatedly demonstrated the ability to read his mother's mind, correctly typing in a five digit number that she was looking at, but he couldn't see. There is information that people can take in that they don't consciously know how they derived it, she suggested --a kind of "pure perception." In the case of the numbers, they may see or hear them in their head, she cited.

Additionally, she has observed that children under the age of four seem to be more in touch with such things as past lives and ghosts, and may be socialized out of such perceptions as they grow older. She pointed to the time in which women are pregnant, and how their brain chemistry changes, and noted cases of women who become telepathic or psychic after pregnancies. She detailed a new technology, similar to MRI, called brain mapping which has yielded results which reinforce the idea that the brains of savants are different than normal individuals. Brain mapping and neurofeedback, she added, are also being used in a new treatment for PTSD, helping to rewire the brain without the use of drugs.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Lauren Weinstein

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