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Private Prisons/ Angelic ETs

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After arrest, conviction, and hard time served as a marijuana smuggler, Richard Stratton is now an acclaimed filmmaker and screenwriter whose films have won prizes at Cannes and the Berlin Film Festival. In the first half, he discussed how stocks in private prison companies have soared recently and why that could be linked to possible changes to the trend of legalizing recreational use, and medical use of marijuana. He said the people he knew in the drug trade as well as underground journalists "always knew the time was going to come" when marijuana would be legalized. Now that almost half the states have legalized in one form or another, Stratton pointed out that the present administration is "trying to put the genie back in the bottle" by cracking down nationwide.

Stratton pointed out some of the hypocrisies he sees in the war on drugs. He says he observed visitors to the prison where he was incarcerated actually buying drugs from the inmates, and cited reports of the CIA cooperating with foreign drug cartels that were friendly to the United States. Stratton actually defended himself at his two trials and became a "jailhouse lawyer" while in prison, where he succeeded in reducing his sentence from 25 years to eight. He believes the best way to end the drug war is through the education of youth and the rehabilitation of people with drug issues. At this time, Stratton thinks that the biggest drug problem we face is the addiction to prescription drugs and that keeping others illegal "makes the situation worse."


In the second half, "Oracle Artist" Joan of Angels talked about her ongoing work with angelic and extraterrestrial beings that are reaching out beyond the veil to connect with us. Joan focuses on the experience of a direct connection that enables us to receive healing and guidance as to our life mission and purpose. For most of her career, she was a chiropractor, but in 2013, Joan (AKA Dr. Joan Hangarter) says she "got a message to paint 33 angels." She recalls that when the paintings were completed "they were alive" and had "created a portal of energy." She believes the portraits of angelic beings possess healing and transformative powers for people who view them. She has come to think that her paintings have the power to heal people who are in spiritual or physical distress.

Hangarter sees a "veil" between our world and other dimensions which is thin at this time, so that communication is easier. The communication across this divide is between us and the angelic beings as well as E.T.s, or what she prefers to call "star beings." She believes that these angels and others are here to assist the people of Earth in a raising of our realm into theirs. She further feels that these helpers "have tremendous compassion" but "are not emotionally attached to us" which allows them to help us with pure intent. Hangarter says that she sees her work as helping people "start to see who they are." In the last hour, listeners called in with their stories of angelic miracles and interventions.


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