Joan of Angels

Joan of Angels


Joan of Angels, also known as Dr Joan Hangarter, D. C., is a spiritual teacher, soul artist, intuitive coach and author, who helps people remember who they are, overcome their challenges, and step into their destiny.
In 2013, artist Joan Hangarter heard the call of the Earth Messengers, ‘Paint us and we will come.” In 2013, she began to paint transformative paintings of angels she calls Earth Messengers. Her paintings are imbued with positive transformational messages from etheric beings that Dr. Joan shares as she channels as an oracle, medium and a painter. Joan also works as an oracle/intuitive mentor doing both private and group sessions.



Past Shows:

  • Angelic Influence / Miraculous Tales

    On our Christmas night show, spiritual advisor Joan of Angels discussed the extraordinary power of angels. Followed by author Catherine Lanigan on tales of the miraculous.More »
  • Private Prisons/ Angelic ETs

    Richard Stratton discussed issues of drug legalization. Joan of Angels told of her work with angelic beings.More »

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