Cattle Mutilation Puzzle/ JFK Revelations

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Cattle Mutilation Puzzle/ JFK Revelations

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The cattle mutilation phenomenon is a 50-year-old puzzle. Who or what is behind the death and disfigurement of livestock reported as mutilated around the globe? In the first half, researcher Christopher O'Brien joined Richard Syrett to discuss his in-depth examination and analysis of this complex, multi-layered mystery while scrutinizing the various explanations that have been proposed over the years, along with new theories that have chilling implications. O’Brien has found reports of animal mutilations as early as 1605 in England. Most of his research has taken place in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado, which has historically been ground zero for anomalous animal mutilations. From his 28 years of investigation, O’Brien feels that "there is is no one-size fits all explanation" that includes all of the features of mutilation cases that he has researched or personally investigated.

There is a small percentage of "high strangeness" cases which seem to defy explanation, such as a calf that was found with its brain removed (with no obvious opening from which it was taken), its spine taken out, and the heart and liver removed and placed back inside the body cavity. According to O’Brien, the vast majority of the cases he has seen can be attributed to human activity, but the motivations remain hidden. O’Brien has noticed that most mutilations seem to occur downstream and downwind from areas of radioactive contamination, which he believes may be an important clue. He leaves open the possibility of alien activity, but also suspects that "the cause is terrestrial, if not more terrestrial than we are," referring to "some sort of supernatural predator" that may be as old or older than the human race.


In the second half, JFK assassination expert James DiEugenio spoke about the anticipated October, 2017 release of government files on the case. On the 100th anniversary of Kennedy's birth, DiEugenio said that the upcoming release from the National Archives will make many issues surrounding the assassination clear, and prove that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. The 1991 release of Oliver Stone’s JFK prompted the formation of an "Assassination Records Review Board" which recommended that all remaining official files on the event be released to the public. At the conclusion of the Review Board’s study, the CIA, FBI and State Department still requested that 3600 documents continue to be withheld. "Shockingly," said DiEugenio, " a lot of these documents are about Oswald."

DiEugenio discussed people and issues surrounding the Warren Commission, such as former CIA director Allen Dulles, who Kennedy fired in the wake of the failed Bay Of Pigs invasion. According to DiEugenio’s research, Dulles was the only member of the Commission who actually lobbied to be involved. The inquiry concluded that Oswald had acted alone, which remains the official version to this day. DiEugenio pointed out that much of the continuing support for the lone gunman theory (such as presented in the book Case Closed) falls apart when examined closely. An example was the fact that an expert Army sniper and longtime record holder for the longest kill shot stated that even he couldn’t hit a target with the accuracy and speed supposedly attributed to Oswald. DiEugenio lamented the fact that the investigation "got off on the wrong foot at its very inception."

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