Terrorist Targets/ Zetas & Planet X

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Terrorist Targets/ Zetas & Planet X

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Bestselling author of international thrillers, and former Air Force cryptographer, David Hagberg, discussed current events and his latest work on terrorism including why high rise buildings have become preferred targets. He cited the new ultra-thin, ultra-tall "needle" towers in such cities as New York, Boston, and Atlanta as being particularly vulnerable. One might marvel at the engineering feats used to stabilize these buildings (which are as slender as 50 feet on the side on the top floors), as they are designed to sway in the wind. The counterweight system that calculates the amount of sway is controlled by a computer which senses the direction of the wind, he explained. But the settings could potentially be hacked, he cautioned, causing these "needle" towers to tumble.

Hagberg, who's had a knack for writing fiction that eventually turns into fact, commented on the situation with North Korea, noting they are capable of hitting downtown Seoul within a moment's notice. That is one reason why it would be difficult for the US to attack them, without bringing destruction to South Korea, he pointed out. He also talked about how America's electrical grid is susceptible to attacks. Hagberg addressed this in his book "Gridlock," which posits a cyber attack delivering a computer virus that knocks out all 600 centers that run the US grid.


In the latter half, attorney, contractor and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto offered updates on Planet X, the Zeta aliens, and a coming cataclysmic pole shift. Like his friend and colleague, Nancy Lieder, he says he's in telepathic contact with the Zetas (said to originate in the Zeta-Reticuli star system), who communicate with him in a pictorial format rather than using words. According to Gianninoto, Planet X has a diameter of 29,000 miles, and was first photographed approaching our solar system in 1983 by an infrared astronomical satellite. The Zetas have warned that as the rogue planet draws closer to Earth, it will catch fire, and act like a defacto flame thrower. "People are going to be drenched in burning oil," he warned.

The passage of Planet X will induce a geographic pole shift, pulling the Atlantic Ocean up over the current North Pole, and leaving the eastern tip of Brazil as the new North Pole, he cited. Before this, we can expect to encounter very mixed up weather patterns, with snow in summer, and balmy days in the winter, he continued. He also talked about how the Zetas bio-designed themselves as space-faring beings, using a different digestive system in which nutrients are painted on their skin rather than consumed. They also reproduce via cloning rather than sex, and have bred emotions out of their systems, he added.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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