Bilderberger Secrets/ Psychic Skills

Bilderberger Secrets/ Psychic Skills


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDaniel Estulin, Nancy du Tertre

Investigative journalist Daniel Estulin discussed his latest research into secretive power elite groups such as the Bilderbergers. In America's recent election, he suggested that different elite "supranational" factions lined up behind Trump and Clinton. The Rothschilds and associated groups supported Trump, while the Rockefellers and others were for Clinton, he declared, adding that even wealthier families, above these two factions, were not represented by either group. The "present Central Banking Warfare Model" is dead, he continued, and "Trump represents the latest and most desperate attempt of one part of the word's elite to survive economic Armageddon," as the rules for the global financial system are about to be changed.

Further, the Comey investigation into Trump's ties to Russia was actually on the verge of revealing a "Russian-Israeli-oligarch-mafia angle" rather than anything pertaining to the Russian government, Estulin asserted. He outlined some of the history of the Bilderberg association which was formed in 1954, and mostly contains members from the countries of the NATO alliance. In general, he believes that the elite groups have decided the model of nation states is dead, and will be superseded by city-states along with the creation of digital and regional currency that will replace all cash, as a way to control the populace and eliminate anonymity. Estulin will be appearing at a screening of his documentary, BILDERBERG, the movie, on May 24th in New Orleans.


In the latter half, Nancy du Tertre, a trained psychic detective and remote viewer, talked about how to hone psychic and intuitive skills, as well as various communications with alien entities. She defined remote viewing as "clairvoyance with protocol"-- the protocols are a specific process that involves writing down or sketching impressions without the influence of the thought process or emotions. For her psychic detective work, she uses a more improvisational intuitive method. The way to develop psychic skills is to free up your mind, she explained, and think in a non-linear way that you normally don't use.

Aliens (ETs, star people, visitors etc.) communicate in a number of ways that can be dissimilar to the way humans convey information, she cited. Telepathy is a common form they use, as well as "downloads"-- a rapid dumping of information that a person suddenly becomes aware of, she detailed. Contactees who report having alien implants say that they sometimes see holographic imagery, and hear voices via the device. Crop circles, dreams, symbols, channeling, certain types of remote viewing, and even flashes from UFO craft themselves can be forms of ET communication, she continued. The aliens may employ different types of languages and sounds. "Some of them chirp like birds," du Tertre noted, and "some bark like dogs, some buzz."

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Mish Shedlock

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