Faux Science/ Spirit World Communications

Faux Science/ Spirit World Communications


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJoseph A. Olson, Kim Russo

In the first half, civil engineer for over 30 years, Joseph A. Olson, weighed in on the global warming controversy as well as various energy technologies. He suggested that the climate change issue is actually a three-sided debate-- "you can't define a dynamic, chaotic massive system with a linear, anecdotal, single parameter hypothesis," such as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, he remarked, adding that C02 actually functions as a cooling agent. "I'm far more concerned about GMOs, chemtrails, and Fukushima than I am about carbon dioxide production," he added.

Olson also contends that solar energy technology, and other renewable modalities require more energy to manufacture than they can ever harvest. For instance, it takes around 50 times more energy to create a solar cell than you ever get out of them, he argued, and the manufacturing process produces toxic waste. According to Olson, ethanol or biofuel is another "net loser" as twice as much energy is required to produce it compared to diesel fuel. Wind turbines, he added, kill thousands of birds and bats per year, and also come up short in the cost/benefit ratio.


Kim Russo, known as 'The Happy Medium,' was one of 19 mediums scientifically tested by the Windbridge Institute, who concluded that she was able to tune into a different frequency and bring back accurate information about the deceased. In the latter half, she talked about her gift of mediumship, and her soul's mission to act as a voice for the spirit world. Interestingly, her gifts accelerated after she received an intense electric shock when she was just five-years-old. She became especially aware of spirits around her by the age of nine. Some deceased souls try to attach themselves to the living-- they have not accepted their own deaths, she explained.

In one intriguing case, while working for a client, she contacted and conveyed messages from their loved one, who'd been an infamous person. After the session, pictures started flying off the wall, and Russo came down with a severe migraine. Her spirit guides informed her that the deceased spirit had been using up all of Russo's energy to communicate with her. Souls have described the Other Side as a kind of "coming home,"-- they are reunited with loved ones and never alone, she said, adding that there are beautiful colors not seen on Earth, as well as a peaceable animal kingdom.

News segment guests: Scott Stevens, Dr. Peter Breggin



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