Kim Russo

Kim Russo


Kim Russo, also known as "Kim, The Happy Medium," has been able to see the world of spirit since the young age of nine. She has been put through a battery of tests and has become a Certified Medium by The Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential. This foundation is dedicated and committed to proving the existence of life after death by integrating mediumship along with scientific studies. Kim has recently appeared on A&E’s hit show, Paranormal State, and is currently helping many children develop their psychic abilities. She also appeared on several episodes of the hit TV show "Psychic Kids."



Past Shows:

  • Celebrity Ghost Cases / Sensing Magnetic Fields

    Kim Russo talked about her adventures in psychic ghost investigations. Dr. Barry Taff spoke on human biomagetism and unusual poltergeist cases.More »
  • Eye-Brain Connection / Accessing the Soul

    Optometrist Marc Grossman discussed the eye-brain connection into consciousness. Followed by Kim Russo, aka ’The Happy Medium,' on the soul and intuition.More »
  • Faux Science/ Spirit World Communications

    Joseph A. Olson weighed in on global warming & energy technologies. Followed by medium Kim Russo detailing her spirit communications.More »
  • Magic of Compassion/ Spirit Communications

    In the first half,James R. Doty, M.D., the director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education,discussed his journey to find comfort after a difficult childhood and how his life was changed at age twelve when he wandered into a magic shop looking for a...More »
  • Spirit Communication / Angelic Encounters

    Filling in for John B. Wells, guest host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed psychic medium Kim Russo, for a discussion on communicating with the spirit world as well as celebrity hauntings. Then, author and lecturer John Tenney talked about angelic encounters and ghostly incidents.More »